15 August, 2010

Falling Stars

You know that song, "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away..." Well, I was laying in bed last night just thinking...trying to go to sleep after a late night Skype date with my hubby. I thought about all of those moments. You know the kind. The ones that you want to remember forever. The ones you want to catch and put in your pocket. =)

So, here are a few of the falling stars I want to keep and remember forever.

{one} The day - well, night - Joe asked me out. =) That was a good one. We'd been either practicing for or attending the BCM service that night. After, a bunch of us went to Garfield's for dinner where Joe sat across from me and flirted with me the entire time. =) We went back to the BCM for some more hang-out time, where Joe "taught" me to play chess. To be honest, I was paying more attention to him than I was the actual game. But I thought it was cute (and so was he) so I played along. Good thing, too. He asked to walk me to my car - for my safety, I'm sure - and minutes later said, "So, hypothetically, if I were to ask you out...what would you say?"

{two} Our first kiss. 2(ish) weeks after our first date (another great memory there). We were at my house....he was getting ready to go home and he asked me if it would be ok if he kissed me. Such a gentleman. And that kiss... Wow.

{three} The night Joe proposed. =) Watching him silently freak out before he asked me... Watching him get down on one knee in the middle of Olive Garden and asking me to be his wife... *bliss*

{four} Our wedding day. Well, this one is pretty normal to want to remember forever. I just remember everything feeling so incredibly right that day. Even when my heart about jumped out of my chest as I was walking down the aisle. And I will never forget that kiss... =)

{five} The road trip that made up the first two days of our honeymoon. Well, I guess the honeymoon in general. But, the road trip was so much fun! It was the first time it was "just us" for more than a few hours at a time. I thought for sure the road trip would be horrible, but we found plenty of ways to entertain each other... Old school music on the iPod, laughing at road signs that we made sound more funny than they actually were, sharing crazy stories...

{six} Seeing him for the first time on Family Day before his BCT graduation. I almost didn't recognize that bald head of his! It was the first time in two months we'd spent any time together. I was actually nervous about seeing him! All of it went away the moment he was released for the day and I held him again. On graduation day, I was never more proud of that sweet husband of mine. That is definitely something I'll never forget. {Even though the CPT and other speakers thanked all the parents. *sigh*}

{seven} Our short weekend trip to Charleston, SC before we came to Hawaii. It was a great weekend! Even better than our 1st anniversary trip to the beach, I think. It was the first real chance we'd had to relax in almost a year. We were together...we could plan fun things to do... And we ended up spending a lot of time walking downtown. Thank the Lord he doesn't mind my need to experience all things history. I probably would have bored him to tears. =) We saw Rainbow Row, Ft. Sumter, went to the aquarium, ate at some cute little places downtown; walked, talked and really enjoyed each other.

{eight} The night before he deployed. It was kind of a rough night since the power had been out for a while and I was freaking out about it. But, we lit a TON of candles, cuddled on the couch, watched a movie on the laptop, and just relaxed. Granted, it was hard to do with our first deployment looming over our heads but it was a good night. =)

There are many more moments I'd like to keep, but these are the few I'll share here. ;-) I'm sure there are many more of these moments to come. I can't wait to experience them!

What are some of your falling stars?


Miranda said...

These are very sweet stories :-)

ACU's and ABC's said...

This was such a sweet post :) I think I may need to borrow your idea if you don't mind!

Chantal said...

You know, every time we've been apart for a long time, I'm super nervous to see my husband. It's a good nervous though!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh boy I am just too emotional to delve into mine right now but I love this idea!

I'm starting to put together a deployment notebook that has all our important paperwork but I'm including pictures, letters from him, and I think I'll do a memory page so I can smile when I go through and am paying bills :)

Goodnight moon said...

I just read your guest post! Great job missy!!!!! I left you a comment over there.

I was just telling Fox this yesterday while we were at the beach with the kids, I wish that we could just take every moment in life, and keep it in our "memory bank", but to be able to remember EACH second of it.

Why must time go by us so quickly?!?!

Jessica said...

New follower!

What a great post! My husband also asked me out that way and he proposed at the Olive Garden too! In front of our parents!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I loved getting to read your favorite memories!