04 October, 2009

It's Over!!!!!

Joe's BCT is officially over as of Oct. 1!!! Family Day was the 30th, and graduation was the following day. It was wonderful!!!! There was a short ceremony on Family Day, before I got to see my Soldier for the first time in 10 weeks. =) Their Captain gave a very nice speech. All of the platoons marched in to the cadence of their choice. However, there was so much yelling from the crowd it was hard to know what they were saying! It was nice to see all the boys in their Class B uniforms! =D They also "sang" the infantry & army songs....yikes!!! Have you ever heard 240 Soldiers fresh out of BCT try to sing together?! Ugh! It was the worst singing I've ever heard in my life!!!! Those boys could have used to some lessons! lol!

Joe is the first guy in the 2nd row - on the left.

Joe and I before he had to be back on base after Family Day.

The graduation ceremony was very impressive and interesting. They started off with some music from the band at Ft. Benning. First, they showed all of the Army uniforms from 1777 to present day. Then, they started with a demonstration of what Soldiers actually do in the field. I think 3 or 4 squads came up with smoke behind them 'searching' the field while shots were being fired (or simulated) from behind and to the woods beside the field. It was really cool. The very cool & informative demonstration.

Then, all 4 platoons marched in. =) Yay for graduation! The Colonel gave a speech, which was nice. They had officers "review" the platoons...which is ap
parently more of a tradition than anything. I sort of liked that part, even though it seemed like a formality. After they had been reviewed and approved (I guess), they recited the Soldier's Creed. After which, the SPC who presented them turned around, saluted, and said "Sir! We are Soliders." =) I don't know why, but I really liked that. Next, the band and all the platoons marched in front of us. For a close-up, I guess. After the "close-up", they sang....again. Yikes! Then, the Soldiers were released for the rest of the day!
All 4 platoons in Bravo Company @ Ft. Benning. =)

Graduation is over! Me & my Soldier! Or, shall I say, my G.I. Joe! =) Hee hee!

Now, to endure AIT (Advanced Individual Training). He's now at Fort Gordon (Augusta, GA), and it's supposed to last 23 weeks. However, he was informed on Friday, that he will most likely be out in 20 weeks! Woohoo! So, right now, he is in Phase 4. Which basically means he doesn't have his weekends free - with the exception of this weekend, which I spent with him in Augusta! =D I didn't think I'd be able to see him after I dropped him off at Ft. Benning on Thursday night. But, he text me on Friday afternoon as I was on my home and told me he had the weekend free. So, I turned that car around and headed to my sweetheart as quickly as possible! =) I dropped him off at Ft. Gordon this afternoon. It was hard, but I know I'll be able to see him as soon as he gets to Phase 5. That could be a couple weeks, but after the last 10 weeks, I feel certain I can make it even if it is really tough. I still miss him, but I can at least call and text him now. He has full possession of his phone at AIT which is a really nice change. =) I just hope that the next 20 weeks go as quickly as the last 10 have! Keep praying for us!

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