30 April, 2014

Growing, Growing Baby

Let's talk about this itty bitty girl of mine. 

Well, first of all, she's not really that itty bitty anymore. In fact, she's catching up to her big sister rather quickly. And holy cow, she's 4. months. old. 

That picture captures Millie's personality pretty darn well. Now that we've passed the colic phase (thank you, Jesus!), she's pretty happy most of the time. She's always moving, and chewing on her fingers.

She spends a lot of time in the bouncy seat...which is pretty much her favorite place. She's starting grasping toys, and bringing them to her mouth. She can roll from tummy to back, and from back to her side. So close to doing both! She's getting very vocal, which is no surprise. ;-) And she's starting blowing raspberries lately which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

I mean, seriously. Look at that face!

Her sleeping is much better than it used to be, and I hope we're beginning to have some sort of schedule! I know a lot of people buck against having a schedule for their babies, but it's really harder for me to not have one. And I'm not super strict about it. I just need that routine! And since Charlotte does so well with it, I'm totally cool with doing it with Millie too. 

She's a nursing pro, and would probably nurse all day if her tummy would allow it, lol! She loves to suck on her fingers, too. She's not quite as good at getting her thumb in her mouth... I'm starting to wonder if she's going to be a finger sucker instead of a thumb sucker. Only time will tell!

What else can I say about this girl? She's sweet, happy, cuddly, and slightly noisy. ;-) Looking very much like a chunky version of her sister, and a brunette version of her mama. We love this smiley girl so stinking much! {And so do the ladies in the church nursery, LOL! She's quite the little charmer. :)}

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