02 May, 2014

Favorite Things on Friday

Taking a break from talking about my kiddos... Let's talk about a few things I'm loving lately! Nice, easy, and fun for a Friday. =) {Say that 5 times fast!}

1. This nursing tank top from Target.

It's pretty much my most favorite item right now. First of all, it's a necessity because I'm nursing. Second? It's cute. Third, I love the material! It's nice and soft. Ahhhhh. ;-)

2. This 3 Day Straight spray from John Frieda.

I received a sample of it in my Influenster box back in February. And I never blogged about it back then because life {and 2 kiddos} got in the way. Anyway, this stuff is awesome. If I blow dry and straighten my hair after using this, it definitely last 3 days. I may have to touch it up with my flat iron in between, but it takes less than 5 minutes. For me, this is fantastic, because I don't have that much time to mess with my hair on a daily basis! {Which is partially why I chopped my hair off again.}

3. Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions

I bought this stuff at Target a few weeks ago. I'd been using something else to treat my acne for quite a while, and even though I wasn't dissatisfied with it, I wanted to try something I could pick up somewhere other than Ulta. The good news is I'm really liking it! It doesn't dry my face out like the other stuff I'd been using had a tendency to do. It's also natural, which I really like. AND it's cheaper! Score all the way around.

4. My latest purse - a Franco Sarto tote bag, purchased from 6pm.com.

I love pretty much everything about this bag. The price was great (although a tad more than I'd usually pay), it has plenty of pockets, and lots of space. It's essentially a diaper bag...without being (or looking like) a diaper bag. SCORE. And since I breastfeed I don't really need pockets for bottles. I throw in some diapers, wipes, a snack and sippy for Charlotte and I'm good to go!

5. Doctor Who.

We started watching the series on Netflix last summer, I think. I wasn't sold on the first season, but it grew on me. And when David Tennant showed up on the series as the 10th Doctor, I was hooked. LOVE me some Doctor Who! Pretty sure we've watched the series about twice now, not counting the "classic" episodes. Part of me really wants to watch them, but I have a hard time with them....unfortunately. Anyway. I'm a sucker for anything spacey-wacey and TARDIS-related these days. =)

What are your favorite things lately? Anything I should try? Let me know!

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