12 December, 2013

A Christmas Mug {Swap}: Check-in!!

Once upon a time, in a land called The South, there was a woman named Sarah. Sometimes, this woman forgot things - important things, like events she was hosting. This is part of that woman's story.

So, I initially set the deadline for swappers to receive/send gifts for December 10. The reason is/was because I wanted to do the link up on Monday, December 16th. I thought it'd be nice to for everyone to have received their mugs by then. And then I let my husband my partner's gift... So, hopefully she'll get it sometime before Christmas. *sigh* Silly husband....


So, swappers, have you sent your mugs? Received them? Do tell!

And don't forget, I will have a link-up ready for the 16th so that you can share your goodies (not those goodies *wink wink*). Are you ready?! =)

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