25 June, 2012

Reading Truth

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon a blog. I still don't even know how I found it. Does that ever happen to you? You're reading a blog, click on a link...then another...and another and suddenly you're on a page and can't remember how you got there? It's happened to me too many times to count in the almost 3 years I've been blogging. Anyway, I'm seriously glad I stumbled upon this blog.


The name of the blog - if you haven't caught it already - is She Reads Truth. Basically, it's a blog that gets women together to read (and discuss) the Bible. Awesome, right!?

Truth be told, I've been severely slacking on reading the Bible and doing any sort of devotional. And I can't even blame birthing a child for that because it went back further than that. I attempted a couple Bible studies/devotionals while I was pregnant, but couldn't stick with one. I've also tried starting reading plans and devotionals on my Bible app (YouVersion), but those haven't stuck either. I've even had the daily reading emailed to myself in an attempt to keep up, but obviously that hasn't worked either. I knew that I needed something but I guess I just hadn't found it yet.

When I found this blog, I knew almost immediately that I should start. I read a little bit about the blog and authors, and then I looked up their newest devotional/reading plan on YouVersion. I was sold! And if that wasn't enough, the online community keeps me wanting to read. They're on Twitter, Instagram, and (obviously) blog land.

I started the new plan just a few days ago and I can already tell a difference in myself. I'm wanting to read, wanting to research and wanting to grow in my faith. It's not a whole bunch of reading to do, which is really my main problem when it comes to reading plans and devotionals. If I have to read several passages I either try to fly through it (and don't get much out of it) or I get really bogged down and can't focus. With this, there's a little bit of scripture reading and a little bit of teaching, the rest (the soul-searching) is up to me.

A snippet of today's reading I posted to Instagram.

I feel like this is something that speaks to my everyday life, especially things I've been struggling with. The readings I've done so far have really encouraged me and helped me figure out what's really behind things I've been dealing with lately. 

I just wanted to share this with you guys - not because anyone asked me to, but because it's helping me and I thought it might help some of you too. Especially if you're like me and struggle to keep up with Bible readings.

Oh, and you don't have to have YouVersion's app to join in on the reading. You can find it online, too - just click here. =)


Kaylee said...

I also stumbled across it a few weeks ago, and have been so encouraged by SheReadsTruth!!!

Megan said...

I'm doing a different reading plan on YouVersion right now, but I am planning to do this plan next!!