09 March, 2012

Baby Love: The Nursery

After returning from the doctor's office this afternoon, I was finally able to finish the little missy's nursery! I was really hoping the last little piece of "artwork" I ordered would be in the mailbox and it was! I've really been working on the nursery all week and I'm glad to have it finished. Especially with the news I got at the doctor's today. More on that later.

As you're all probably aware by now, the "theme" for her room is elephants. I fell in love with some elephant print fabric right before we found out she's a girl and there has been no turning back! I never really even liked elephants that much before...now I can't get enough of them. Without further ado, here is Charlotte's nursery!

The photo on the top left is the view when you're standing at the door to her room. Walking in, the wardrobe is on the left. The print sitting on the wardrobe is the one I got in the mail today. It says, "First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything." LOVE. =)

Then we have the changing table/dresser, which is now completely ready for baby! Diapers, wipes, lotion, butt paste, cotton swabs, etc. The photo on the bottom right is what I have deemed the "nursing corner," complete with the chair, Boppy pillow, burp cloths, blankets, etc.

The crib and vinyl I made with my Silhouette. =) It took me all day to make that!! You can click on it to see what it says, but in case you don't want to it says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above." Her name still isn't as big as I'd like it to be, but I ran out of vinyl. If I ever order more hot pink, I'll probably make her name bigger. Until then, this will just have to do! Thoughts?

More shots of the crib area.

And now we're back to the doorway. Shelf with knickknacks and photos... Table with monitor, lamp and little bear. I have no idea where else to put that little guy. =P Diaper bag by the door, ready to go!

I'm so relieved to have her nursery done! It's been bugging me for the last few weeks. I feel like I can relax a little bit now that it's done. 


I may have mentioned that I had an ultrasound scheduled for today, which means  I got to see our little girl!! I was very excited to see her little face {and the rest of her, of course} but I was a little sad not to have Joe there with me. The ultrasound took around 30 minutes because our sweet little girl was being feisty. =P I'm fairly certain she didn't want to have her pictures taken today! Thankfully, though, the tech was able to see what she needed to and we got a few photos of her too. =)

Isn't that the cutest, smooshiest little face you've ever seen?! =D {I know, I know... It's started already, LOL!} We got a few more photos of her face, but they all pretty much looked like this one. The tech tried really hard to get a profile shot, but her little head is smooshed down in my pelvis. {TMI?} Good for delivery, bad for ultrasound photos!

I loved every minute of seeing her move around. It was so neat because I could feel and see when she was moving! I got to see quite a bit of those feet she keeps putting in my ribs, and guess what?! They look exactly like mine. Poor baby girl. I'm sorry!!! One of the coolest things I got to see was her "practice breathing." Her little chest was moving up and down so fast! I'm assuming this is what causes her frequent hiccups... The tech said that was a very good thing. Anyway. She's pretty much perfect. Weighing in at about 5 pounds...a little petite for how far along I am, but small babies are common in our families. 

After the ultrasound, I met with a couple of the maternal-fetal medicine doctors. There, they informed me that I will be induced (because of the hypertension tendency and the GD). This sent me pretty much into panic-attack mode. They wanted to induce me at 37 weeks, but since Joe will still be in WLC then they postponed it until 38 weeks. In case you need a reminder, I'm 35 weeks. Translation?

Charlotte will be here in 2.5 weeks. 2.5 weeks. Holy. Moly!

Now you see why I'm glad to have her nursery ready! All I need to do now is pack our hospital bags and put the carseat in the car! Eeeeek! 

I'm still a little nervous/terrified, but the more I talk about it the better I feel. I'm not thrilled about being induced, but it is what it is. I want her to be healthy and if this is the way it has to happen, I'll deal with it. Plus, Joe will be there with me. =) I can get through this. 

So. Any tips for packing the hospital bag and advice/tips/info for being induced?!


Jessica said...

You did a great job on her nursery! I love the elephant theme, if we were having a girl we were going to do elephants too!!
And holy cow, 2.5 weeks that is going to fly by!!!

ROXY said...

The nursery is beautiful! =) How exciting, your baby girl will be here in 2.5 weeks...

Heather said...

Love it!! You did a great job on the vinyl above her crib :)

Move that boppy to your bag. You will want it in the hospital. And we used ALL the blankets we took to the hospital. I like having my own stuff (it's so much cuter!) and we had a spitter upper.

heather said...

well i was never induced and never will be. i had a c section and will always have one. but i know tons of people who have been and everything went great. so relax everything will be fine. just enjoy the last 2 and a half weeks of a quite house :)... now for the hospital bag packing. NOT TO SCARE YOU. my c section went great but he was breathing too fast so instead of a 3 days stay we had to stay for 5 days b/c he was in the nicu that whole time. the reason i bring this up is to say pack extra clothes. you never know what will happen. maybe a long stay of your clothes get messed up either being spit up, a dirty diaper or other.. also this is prob TMI but use their pads. i went and got the cute little preggers boy shorts and small pads b/c i didn't want those HUGE granny panties but none of that worked as well as the granny panties my MIL brought me and those huge pads they give you, they are like as big as a two by four, but they work best... oh and pack your boppy, but im sure you know that. oh and take tons of pictures of before she comes while your hooked up to all the machines. there will be one day when all those little details wont be as fresh in your mind and thats a great way to remember them :)

good luck and you will do great . can't wait until you can post pictures.

Anna said...

It looks absolutely perfect! Great job, Sarah! Everything looks precious. I wish SO much I could be there and help you with that sweet little bundle. I'm sure induction doesn't seem all that great, but at least you have a definite date to work with. EEK! I can't believe it is getting so close!!!

Jenn said...

That elephant theme is SO CUTE! I love it. :)

I will second the suggestion of taking the boppy to the hospital with you. I found that using the hospital's mesh panties and gigantor pads was much easier than using my own (plus! they are disposable so you don't have to worry about ruining them!). But you wanna make sure that you have some mega pads waiting on you at home. I am packing snacks for my husband this time around (forgot last time) since they typically only bring YOU food (after delivery of course). Don't forget chargers and toothbrush and camera! Those are always the things you might not pack ahead of time and possibly forget. I packed as much as I could last time and then stapled a note to my bag with the remaining items that needed to be thrown in there last-minute. Very helpful! :)

So glad that your husband will be able to be there for the birth!!! :)

Kathryn said...

What a cute nursery!!!! I was induced with both of my kids, the first one because my water broke and labor stopped and the second was to try and fit it around my husband's schedule overseas with Skype. I will tell you the pitocin does make the contractions harder and more painful, but you will get meds faster if you need/want them. The one thing that I couldn't live without while in the hospital was a pair of black loose sweat pants and a tank top. It was so nice getting out of the hospital gown and the black pants were great because I didn't have to worry if they got messy. I agree with Jenn, use those hospital panties and pads, they are great and you don't feel bad if they get messy. Good luck! Time will fly by!

Jamie said...

The nursery is so cute!

JG said...

LOVE her nursery! You did such a great job!

Karen said...

Super cute nursery!! Great work.

As far as your hospital bag, I would recommend bringing snacky foods - depending on when you actual give birth, you won't get food until the next meal time. I was lucky and my meal time was lunch and it was only an hour after I had Nora but my friend had her baby at 1am and she didn't get anything to eat until breakfast. Also, bring your toothbrush and chargers and comfy pj's. I had a robe that I brought to wear over my hospital gown and it made me feel better. Also, bring makeup and face wash - if you have visitors you'll want to freshen yourself up for them :)

Best of luck to you guys! :)

Jamie said...

love love love her room! TOTALLY obsessed with elephants here! And your friend did a gorgeous job on her bedding, I have 2 little boys 2 and 7mos so I have pirates and jungle themes lol! But it is really adorable! I am so excited for you. Message me your email I actually occasionally blog and have been an Army Wife for 6 years (yikes) I keep it private bc we are at Bragg aka Dramaville but would love to get to know you better!! Hoping your little girl comes sooner than later, my first came at 38wks and my second at 41!!! He took his sweet time! lol xox

Erin said...

Her nursery is so precious!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw! It looks great! You did a fabulous job!