08 March, 2012

Is It Over Yet?

Holy geez. Joe just started WLC last week and already I'm ready for it to be over. He even gets to come home on weekends! I'm having experiences very reminiscent of deployment and Murphy and I just want this to be over.

Joe went back to WLC Monday morning {it's on the island} and left his phone charger here. Obviously I didn't get to talk to him that night. I wasn't too upset about it, but I do enjoy talking to my husband. Anyways.

Tuesday rolls around and I dropped off Joe's charger at staff duty before going shopping with Jennifer. We had a great time and I had planned on coming home and chilling out... But nesting got the best of me and I kept going long after that. A couple hours later, I'm laying on the floor of the nursery sick to my stomach because I did too much. Fail. The downpours continue outside, it starts storming again... Which really isn't a problem for me. I love storms. As I'm laying in bed listening to the thunder and rain, I have not one but two contractions back to back. So of course I go through all of the "I'm not in labor, am I?!" freak outs. I just laid there in bed praying it wasn't actual labor. Because I can only imagine trying to call someone to take me to the hospital in the middle of what the Hawaiians think is the storm of the century and then calling my husband... You'll be happy to know that baby girl decided to stay put. ;-)

After being by myself while being a zillion months pregnant, I have to give everyone who's ever been hugely pregnant during a deployment serious kudos. I guess I've taken for granted that Joe has been able to be home and do things for me so much. You know, like getting me a fork when I just sat down and really don't have the energy it takes to get up and walk back in the kitchen to get one after having cooked dinner. Or helping me up from the couch. Or running to the store because I'm too tired. Any number of things. I really, really miss having him here to help me out. It's hard being 8 - almost 9 - months pregnant and doing everything around the house!

Joe called me tonight and informed me that he had to be taken to the ER last night. Thankfully, he eased into that part of the story and I didn't panic nearly as much as I would have otherwise. He gets migraines sometimes and when he's unable to take medicine for them when they start, they get really really bad. Apparently this was one of those times. And because he's in WLC and sick call doesn't start until 0500, he had to get someone from staff duty to take him to the ER. And apparently he had no inclination whatsoever to contact his wife and let me know what was going on. I know he was in severe pain and everything, but come on. Even a text would have been nice! I know he's a big boy and can clearly handle being at the doctor/ER by himself, but I kinda would have liked to be there for him. You know? Thankfully the ER in the ghetto treated him well and he's back to normal now. Let's just hope he stays that way!

I have an ultrasound and a whole slew of appointments at Tripler tomorrow... I'm hoping for good news all the way around! I am not capable of handling any crap right now. Stay put for just a few more weeks, little girl!!! Please?!


Jen said...

He will be home before you know it! I hope all your appointments go well today. :)

JG said...

Oh my goodness! I would have freaked out being home by myself with contractions! I'm glad everything was okay.