13 March, 2012

Good 'Ole Randomness

I can't seem to decide what to blog about first/next, so I've decided to go with a little bit of everything tonight. You're welcome. ;-)


Holy wow, Batman. I'm gonna be having a baby in 2 weeks. Two. Weeks. Sometimes I just can't wait and other times I'm freaking out about it. I find myself getting nervous about...well, everything, from big to small. What should I pack in my hospital bag? How long will it take? Will I really be able to do this? You know, those sorts of things. I know in the end all the little stuff won't matter. Once she's here I probably won't think of any of it again. But for now, these are the thoughts that occupy my mind.


Speaking of the little girl, she's still looking perfect. =) I had another NST today {2 a week now} and the overseeing nurse kept joking about how excited/active she was. I guess people really don't believe me when I tell them how active she is?! I'm not kidding, folks! Her heart rate stayed pretty high - 160s and 170s - the whole time I was there...and then she got the hiccups. This really intrigued the nurse. Why, I'm not sure. Babies get hiccups! Oh and something else lovely about the NST... My BP was/is totally normal. I'm almost convinced that my BP issue has something to do with how much I hate the OB clinic at Tripler. Because, seriously, when I'm doing the NSTs or the time I went to L&D my BP is completely normal. It's only when I'm thrown into a super busy atmosphere that my BP is high. I'm very seriously considering putting in an ICE comment about all I've been through/dealt with since being put in the COB {complicated OB} clinic.


I've found that I have a weakness for all things girlie. Ok, ok... Maybe that wasn't exactly a secret before. ;-) I bought some headbands for Charlotte last week and this week I bought some hair bows. But can you really blame me?!


You may  - or may not - have heard about all the rain and crazy weather Hawaii has gotten lately. Well, let me tell you... It's definitely been interesting. What happens in Hawaii when it rains all the time and actually storms is kind of like what happens when the South gets more than like 2 inches of snow. Complete freak out. The "severe weather team" {term used very loosely} interrupted TV shows every half hour and the NSW interrupted probably just as frequently. It was a little ridiculous. Then Friday on my way home from the commissary, I saw that HPD had put up this handy dandy little sign near the entrance to our housing area.

No, let's not fix the pot holes. Let's warn people about the GIANT holes in the road!!! That sounds like a great idea! Sigh. When I saw that, all I could do was laugh. Because really? It's just bizarre. And yeah, this is what living in Hawaii is really like. Glamorous, no? ;-)


I don't know if I've talked about them here before, but right after Christmas we got new neighbors. Nothing really new around here... This is the 3rd set of neighbors we've had {in that house} in the nearly 2 years we've lived here. How's that for turn-around time?! Anyways. We happened to "bump" into them in the garage one day not too long after they moved in and we introduced ourselves. Nothing really happened for a while, other than the occasional friendly "hello" in the garage or driveway.

Then, around Valentine's Day, we started getting a bit friendlier. B knocked on the door one night to let me know I'd gotten flowers earlier in the day while we were out. She didn't want them to be left out all night. I was very appreciative even though I had answered the door in PJs. A few days later, she knocked on the door again to ask if I had an ingredient for a recipe. It turned out that I didn't, but later she brought over some of what she made! Pumpkin. Cheesecake. OMG, it was delicious. And yes, I had some. ;-) Not a lot, but you really just can't turn down cheesecake. Am I right?!

To return the yummy favor - and her "tupperware" - I baked some cookies and had Joe take them over. I think that pretty much solidified our friendship. ;-) 2 weeks ago, we had lunch over at their house. We text back and forth every other day or so... And I even watched their 2 year old girl Friday night for about an hour when they had to take back their huge TV to Costco. They've also agreed to watch Jasper while I'm in the hospital. =) Then, tonight, B texts me and asks if I want some of the beef stew she made for dinner. I was exhausted from my trip to Tripler and Wally World {see hair bow photo ;-)} so I happily accepted. The result was delish!

Today's #marchphotoaday. =)

Lucky for me she sent enough for lunch or dinner tomorrow! =D Even better, it did next to nothing to my blood sugar. I thought with the noodles and potatoes that surely it would spike, but nope! It's interesting to see how my body reacts to different foods. I have a bigger problem with pure carbs {like bread/pancakes} and sugar than starches {potatoes, rice, beans, etc.}. But in 2 weeks... I will be GD free and free to eat the things I miss so much! Yeah, I'm pretty excited about that. 


This WLC thing hasn't been as bad {for me} as I thought it would be. I'm thinking the preggo hormones amplified everything. I really do miss having Joe here with me all the time... Especially since we'll be spending 95% of our last 2 weeks as "just us" apart, but it's really not so bad. It's kind of like AIT all over again. I know it's rough on him, though. They have a really tough schedule {going to bed super late and getting up super early} and get bombarded with power point and tests all day. And Joe is extra hard on himself when it comes to classes and testing. I understand why {to a degree}, but I do wish he'd be easier on himself. I think that if he can just make it through these tests and the next 2 weeks without another trip to the ER, he'll be just fine. And I'm hoping to make it through the next 2 weeks with no contractions!


This past weekend we did a maternity photo shoot!! =D I'm really hoping she'll post some sneak peeks on FB soon so I can show all of you! She showed me a few shots on her camera and those looked great, so I can only imagine how good they'll look after they've been edited. Can't. Wait!


Hope you've enjoyed the return of randomness. ;-) I think it needed a good comeback, don't you?! Hope your week is off to a great start!


Bonnie said...

Don't over think this motherhood thing. Having an infant is so easy ;) I find that once the baby is mobile, or close to it, is when things get crazy ;) The best thing I took in my hospital bag with Noah & Gracie is a robe. Not even kidding. Find a nice soft long robe. I lived in that thing when I was in the hospital. Next best thing is yoga pants/gouchos and nursing tanks. Even if you don't nurse, they are incredibly comfortable.

You can do this. ;)

JG said...

Oh you can never have too many hairbows :)