14 March, 2012

Thirty Six

How far along: 36 weeks!! Which means it's crunch time!!! 2 weeks until she's here...crazy, crazy, crazy!

Weight gain/loss: Ummm...around 30, I think. Last week I was up like 3 pounds which was really weird. I want to see what it is this week because I don't understand what happened. Lol!

Body changes: Meh. Not much, really. I think I might have a few more stretch marks, but it's hard to tell at this point. Definitely a bigger belly though!

Gender: It's a GIRL!! Trust me, it's a girl. ;-) They double checked at my ultrasound last week and there's really no doubt she's a girl!

Movement: All the time. I'm starting to think for sure she has red hair {just because I have it doesn't mean she will!} because she's so feisty! Unless it's a hard kick in the ribs or belly button {which really feels weird} I don't mind. I'm just glad she's healthy and moving around in there.

Sleep: Not so bad lately. I think I'm so tired by the time I get to bed that it's not really a problem. I still get up a couple times a night, but it doesn't bother me anymore.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting our baby girl! It's crazy that there's only 2 weeks left... It's gone by so fast!

What I miss: Just the usual: sleeping on my stomach, not having heartburn or back/hip pain, not waddling when I walk, and eating what I want to eat. =P

Cravings: Nothing specific... Just all the sweet stuff I can't have!

Symptoms: "Breakthrough" heartburn, back/hip pain at night and in the morning... Yeah, I guess that's it.

Best moment this week: A couple best moments, actually...

  • Getting to see her via ultrasound!!! It's really amazing to me how much you can see on those things.

Such a sweet little face. =)

  • Joe and I had a little date night Saturday and had a really good chat about us and Charlotte and...lots of things. We hadn't done that in a while and it was definitely needed. It does make me a little sad, though, that we have so little time together in the next 2 weeks. We'll make the best of what time we do have but it'd always be nice to have more, you know? Stupid Army and WLC. =P


Miranda said...

I just can't believe she's almost here!!!!! So excited :)

Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

AWE! Beautiful baby face!!! And such a cute 36 week belly it is <3 You're going to LOVE having a little girl. It's seriously the best!! And the love that you feel for your child now is NOTHING compaired to what you'll feel after you hold her for the first time...It's such a FIERCE love that it scares you!! Kinda makes you want to lock her away FOREVER from all the crazies out there...You're going to be a great momma and congrats on 36 weeks!