15 February, 2012

Thirty Two {Plus a Little V-Day}

How far along: 32 weeks - holy moly!

Weight gain/loss: About the same as last time... I haven't gained any since I started the GD diet {and Joe has lost about 5 pounds since he's doing it with me...mostly}. I guess there's something to be said for cutting carbs!

Body changes: Nothing new... I have one, maybe two more stretch marks and the belly is definitely getting bigger.

I surprised my hubby a bit and dressed up a little for him for Valentine's Day. =)

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: Lots, lots, lots! She makes my belly move all the time! Her most active times are still at night and in the morning... Today she was super active right after I ate lunch. Guess she liked the spicy food I had! =)

Sleep: Still okay. I've been going to bed a little later recently which means I sleep a little harder when I do sleep. The preggo pillow I bought forever ago is my saving grace. I still get up once or twice a night for a bathroom break, but after this long I'm used to it.

What I'm looking forward to: My baby shower in a few weeks! I got some messages from friends who got their invites today, which made me super excited! =D

What I miss: Definitely sleeping on my stomach. I will enjoy every minute of tummy sleeping once she gets here. I also still miss sweets. I can have them, but only in very small amounts. Sigh. Only 8 more weeks though!

Cravings: Everything I can't have. =P Sunday night I really, really, really wanted a bowl of ice cream.

Symptoms: Back and hip pain, and - new this week - Braxton Hicks! So far, they've actually kind of hurt... Sort of like rough cramps...but they don't last very long. Guess my body is getting ready!

Best moment this week: I have several! Being able to eat a fun-size Milky Way with a meal. =P Getting my pretty Valentine's Day tulips! Oh, and getting this coffee table for $20.

I really wanted a square/rectangle coffee table, but I think this one will do just fine. And, really, who can complain about getting a coffee table for twenty dollars?! I finally feel like we have a nice, put-together living room. Well, other than the fact that we have an extra couch still... Anyway.

Despite not going out, we had a very lovely V-Day evening. =) I made Joe a card and put some cute little decorations on the table... 

No worries - I moved my flowers elsewhere for dinner because they're leaning over. =P

And I made this for dinner:

With these:

And then some green beans to go with. Turns out it was pretty delicious! If I'd thought about it, I would have had Joe stop for a bottle of wine. A good red would have made this dinner a-mazing. Then we plopped on the couch and enjoyed each other's company for a while. Now he's in bed and I'm, well, here...not in bed. =P

Hope y'all had a great V-Day!

P.S. Does anyone else have trouble viewing the title of my post(s) and sidebars? I haven't seen them for days and have no idea what's going on...


Skinnie Piggie said...

Sounds like everything is moving right along! I'm glad you enjoyed your vaentine's day, the dinner looks delicious! I can see your titles/sidebar headers. =)

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

First off, you look fabulous, chickadee!! Second, I can't believe you're 32 weeks already!! Dinner looks amazing, too. I love the skinnytaste website :) Oh btw, I can see your titles and sidebars.

Nicole said...

You look so cute! Dinner looks delish...and I wish I was having luck finding a great (cheap!) coffee table!

Erin said...

You look beautiful!

Kathryn said...

Ummm wow your dinner looks AH-MAZING!!
How is the gestational diabetes going?

Jenn said...

Sounds like y'all had a nice Valentine's Day- what a beautiful dinner!

You look great btw, and I can see your titles and sidebar. :)

Steph said...

You look great! And your dinner looks awesome too.

I had to go in for round two of the gestational diabetes testing this morning. I'm really hoping I pass this one.

Our Little Fam said...

You look fabulous!

Addison and Amber said...

You look great! :)

Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

You look so gorgeous momma!!! I'm so excited for you and this little one...Especilly now that we are holding our bundle...There is nothing like it in this entire world and I wouldn't trade it!!!! Congrats on making it to week 32. Exciting stuff!

Amanda said...

Goodness sakes.. look how pretty you look! :) Love it!!

Jane said...

You look beautiful! I love that dress. And yummm Valentine's Day dinner looks amazing!