18 January, 2012

Twenty Eight

How far along: 28 weeks - only 12 left! I know I've been saying it for a while, but I can hardly believe I'm this far along already!

Weight gain/loss: A lot. =P Let's just leave it at that.

Body changes: Not so much lately...other than the growing belly, of course. =)

Gender: It's a girl!

Movement: Lots of it on and off throughout the day. She's getting bigger and running out of room, so I feel her a lot more now which I'm totally fine with. =) She's not super active, but she does have her moments.

Sleep: It's been okay for the most part since we got back from the mainland. I still get up a couple times a night, but I'm used to that now. What I'm not used to is being met with heartburn when I get up at night. Grrr.

What I'm looking forward to: Hearing her heartbeat at the doctor tomorrow, finishing a quilt I'm working on for her and getting her room ready!

What I miss: Not having heartburn all the time and sleeping on my stomach.

Cravings: Still just craving sweet stuff. I rarely have specific cravings.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN. It's absolutely awful. For the past 3 days, I've been eating Tums like they're candy. We will be addressing this at my appointment tomorrow. =) Then there's the hip and back pain which is becoming more common, but it doesn't happen all the time. Oh, and swelling... My closed-toed shoes {which I rarely wear anyway} are getting tight and I'm almost to the point where my rings won't come off.

Best moment this week: Setting her crib up, rearranging the room and ordering prints to hang up!

And because I can...

Worst moment this week: 

1) Finding out my aunt isn't expected to live much longer. Please keep her, my uncle, cousins and the rest of our family in your prayers...

2)"Failing" the glucose test. =( I really wanted to cry. I'm only 9 points over, but they're making me do the 3 hour test. I am so upset about this... I was kind of worried about it, but told myself that I'm fine and it would come back normal. So wrong. And I'm curious if I really should fast before the test. The nurse I spoke with before and after today's test said that I should, but I'm hearing from others that I should eat toast and peanut butter beforehand. Thoughts? Suggestions?


Elizabeth said...

I have HORRID heartburn with my pregnancies. With number 5 my friend suggested raw celery. I really didn't want to take meds so I ate the celery and it worked really well. I would have to eat it an hour after I ate and I would eat 3 stalks before bed and it would get me through the night (except for the last month when nothing really worked). I also totally gave up chocolate and soda. You better believe I had those things in the hospital after I had her! The second the baby came out the heartburn went away :)

Heather said...

I had heartburn BAD. You are not alone! And with my second pregnancy I had the horrible hip and back pain. The good news is it goes away almost immediately after giving birth!!! Ask about Zantac. I was given a prescription the second time around and the first time they just told me to buy it. But one of those before dinner was all I needed until the very end (then I had to take it morning and evening) And most people I know were told to fast before their glucose test but I was told to eat something light with protein for both of mine. Also, if you watch what you eat the day before it may help. So stay away from the sweets you are craving before you go in next time. And you will be just fine! Don't stress, and remember your book ;)

Katy said...

Unfortunately I was told to fast before my 3hr glucose test. Hopefully though you can take it first thing in the morning so that the fasting is just an overnight thing. That's how mine worked out. After supper I didn't get to eat any more, just drank water and my test was at 7am so while I was starving at least I didn't have to think about it all day. I would recommend taking a snack with you to the test though. You can't do anything but drink water (not even chew gum) during the test, but if you take something with you, then you have something to take the edge off right after. I've had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies and while I never had to take the 3hr test the first time (they just assumed based on my numbers from the 1hr that time), at the end of my 3hr test my blood sugar levels literally went from being around 200 to about 75. It's honestly a wonder I didn't faint. On a more positive note, if you only failed by 9 points on your 1hr even if you also fail the 3hr there's a good chance you'll be able to control it with just some changes to your diet and gestational diabetes completely vanishes once you've had the baby.

Chantal said...

I wonder if your baby will have loads of hair like my baby haha

You think she's running out of room now, wait until the end lol

Lauren said...

Fast, and don't work out within 24 hours (believe it or not, this does affect the results). Definitely bring a snack to eat immediately after.

From this National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003466.htm

Lauren said...

ps: that website I gave the link to doesn't clearly specify whether it's describing the hour long, or three hour long glucose test, but I assure you it all definitely applies to the 3 hour test. My dad has had to do the three hour test previously (he found out that exercise drastically affects the results)(so he religiously fasted and abstained from exercise for the 3 hr test and things came back normal), and my husband has confirmed for me the importance of fasting for this test. You definitely don't want to jack with the test in any way and get results that say you have diabetes when you really don't, you know?

Eat a good, hearty meal the night before, and schedule it as early as possible! : ) I'm sorry to hear the first test went badly, but that definitely doesn't 100% mean you have gest. diabetes! My fingers are crossed for much better results this time around!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being 28 weeks along! It must be so exciting, getting ready to welcome this new little life!
There are different kinds of screening tests for glucose, some of them require you to eat, and others you have to be fasting completely for accurate results.

The different tests are looking for different things, including how your body is responding to the change in your blood glucose at different points during the "eating cycle". Unless your nurse is crazy, which I highly doubt lol, if she told you to fast, you should fast. The other test you heard about was probably a different kind of glucose test.

Good luck.
PS. even if you would find out you have gestational diabetes/ glucose control problems, most likely you won't have any complications after your pregancy, and you should be completely fine during your pregnancy, as long as you control your diet and follow your doctors instructions!
Good luck!
Jessica A