17 January, 2012

Let the Nesting Begin!

It's officially here - nesting, that is. I feel like in just a few weeks I went from "Oh, we don't need to start on her room yet" to "We need to do this NOW!" Normal or not it happened and I just couldn't stop it.

Last week I found a brand new, gorgeous crib through a FB group for $100. Pretty decent price, if you ask me. I met up with the woman selling it just 2 days later. I also purchased the crib mattress that day. Way back in September, I registered for Sears' Heroes at Home program. To be honest, I was expecting a decent amount of money and was sorely disappointed when I got the gift card in my inbox... It was only $55. I had planned on using that money to get her crib since money doesn't grow on trees and the Army isn't handing any extra out. Anyway, I ended up using that whopping $55 toward her crib mattress and only paid $7 for it. Not exactly what I had planned, but it worked out in the end.

I really wanted to get started on her room on Friday, but I figured I should let Joe celebrate his birthday without having to worry about baby things. ;-) I was planning to post about that tonight, but most of the pictures we took are on his computer {they were previously on his phone because I left my camera at home - lame} and it's not being very cooperative.

Fortunately, Joe was willing to get started on her room Saturday! We're planning on having a garage sale soon, so first we cleaned everything out of the room that either needs to be sold or put into storage.

Room mostly cleared out and cleaned up!

And then we opened up the crib box and got to work. Well... Joe got to work. I did very little work, but I figure it's the least he could do since I'm the one responsible for growing her. =P I did hand him the nuts, bolts, and screws and offered my tips on how to put it together based on the instructions. So that's something. Ha!

To be honest, I thought it was going to be much harder to put together than it actually was. I still kind of wish we'd been able to get a sleigh bed style crib, but I really do love this one. The only thing that I'm not quite a huge fan of is that the mattress is kind of low, even on the highest setting. Oh, and to lower it you have to take one side off. So that will be a pain...

After we Joe got it all put together, we moved it into place. I had told him we could wait to move furniture around, but he decided it'd be easier to just go ahead and do it now. Music to my nesting ears! ;-)

Everything {mostly} in its place!!

A few things will change within the next two months... The desk {and all my sewing supplies} will be moved to the laundry room. The things on the walls now will be removed and replaced with nursery prints. The things on top of the wardrobe will be put away and will most likely be replaced with books and maybe a print. I'm definitely going to put the rocking chair in her room and I might put the cedar chest {which is now in the laundry room} in there. It all depends on how things look once the desk is out. I'm leaving the desk in there as long as possible because I really like sewing in there. Plus, who really wants to sew in the laundry room? Not me!

So, there you have it! I am so excited to be getting started on her room! I was a little worried about the lack of things we have for her, but as of this weekend my awesome friend, Miranda, is throwing me a baby shower! Woohoo! =D I am over-the-moon excited for this!

Oh, before I forget, I also ordered these prints for her room this weekend:

Source: etsy.com via Sarah on Pinterest

The background for this one will be pink, not yellow.

Source: etsy.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Sarah on Pinterest

I can't wait for them to get here so I can buy frames and hang them!!! =D 

Hope your 4 day was as great as mine!

P.S. Stop by JG's blog, Me and My SoldierMan, to check out an awesome blog design giveaway. I really, really, really want to win!!! I would love to get a makeover for my blog... Who wouldn't?!


Miranda said...

Her room looks GREAT!!!! :)
I love the prints!!! ADORABLE!!!

wHiT said...

super cute! love the look of the room!

Heather said...

It is looking more like a baby!! And you lucked out. I had to assemble BOTH cribs while VERY pregnant. There are some things I am just better at in our house ;) I did have help the second time around though.

Katie F said...

Super cute crib and I love the prints. And i hear ya about the sears heros at home program. We were planning on redoing our bathroom floor with that gift card since the floor was horrible but the card barely even covered the saw we needed to cut the tiles! Oh well at least it was something lol

Anna said...

Aw, I love this post! And holy dejavu! I have almost the exact same pics of Jason putting Eden's crib together. Such an exciting time - everything looks great!

Kaylee said...

So stinking cute!!! And those prints?! Adorable!

Chantal said...

I expected more from the Sears At Home too! Oh well. We used part of it towards a new mattress foundation.

I love the nursery! I wish I could've set up a nursery space... but it's working out fine since she's sleeping in our room anyway. I'm thankful she is, it's helping a whole bunch at night. I'll set up a room for her in Alabama!

JG said...

I love how all the little girls have red hair :) I think it's an adorable crib, and $100 is awesome. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Just WOW!!! Entitled much??? The Heroes at Home program is funded entirely on donations. It's nice to know you're unhappy with people giving you their hard earned money. I'll work very hard to make certain my friends and family don't do that ever again.

Anonymous said...

Buy your own damn crib instead of putting your hand out. You didn't do anything special but marry a soldier and you expect the entire world to kiss your ass?