15 January, 2012

Christmas Vacation: Bestie Date

The second full day of our trip was the best day of my visit to AR -- a date with my bestie!!! =D

She picked me up at about 10 and then we started out with some decaf mochas from Starbucks! Mmmmm. And then we headed over to the mall for a little shopping. I ended up buying a little elephant at JCPenney for Charlotte since I had a gift card...funny how that works, isn't it? ;-) Then we went over to Motherhood and I bought some comfy maternity clothes. Now I'm really glad that I did because the capri yoga pants are my new favorite pair!

Miss Jorja {Melissa's little girl} started to get a little cranky, so we figured it'd be a good time to drop her off to spend time with her daddy, who had the day off. ;-) Then we headed to Olive Garden for a very tasty lunch!! Praise the Lord for salad, breadsticks and alfredo!!! I let her pick the dessert we got because it was her birthday. Wasn't that nice of me?! ;-)

After our delicious lunch, we headed out for more shopping! Seriously, what's a bestie date without lots of shopping? Our main shopping goal was to get fabric for Charlotte's bedding,which Melissa is graciously making for me. =) This isn't all of the fabric we're using for her bedding, but there's only one print to add.

I'm in love!!! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I know my bestie will do a fantastic job. =)

After hitting up fabric stores - real fabric stores - we did even more shopping! Can you believe it?! We attempted to take pics of ourselves in mirrors at Kirklands, but had trouble getting a great shot... 

And then some idiot guy came by and asked us if we were taking pics of ourselves. Gee...what does it look like we're doing?! Ugh. Anyway. We ended up getting probably the greatest shot ever of both of us when we stopped for a little snack later.

Best bestie pic ever!

Yummy snack for the preggo. =P

Sadly, after our snack and some shopping at Target it was time for her to take me back to my in-laws' house. I hate that we only get one day together when I come to visit, but at least it's always a good day, right? I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had... It was a little like being in college again and hanging out together. Except that she has a baby and I'm married, pregnant and living thousands of miles away. =P One day I'll live closer and we'll be able to do this a little more than one day a year!

Here's to more bestie dates in the future! 


Southern Roots and Combat Boots said...

Oh I am in LOVE with the chevron pattern right now. I'm having a diaper bag made from a lady off Etsy in this pattern.

Amy said...

I love the chevron fabric! where did you get it?!?