31 January, 2011

Randomness Anyone?

Yes? Great! 'Cause that's about all I can come up with right now. My brain is mush. =P

First, I would like to thank those of you who commented on my last (and very depressing) post. Now that I've had my monthly breakdown, I feel a lot better. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry. (And apparently a blog post.)

Good day today! Church was fantastic. It's always funny to me - even though it shouldn't be - that God gives me just what I need when I need it. Like I said yesterday, I was really homesick. One of the things I've really been missing lately is our church home in NC. I often feel like our church here plays the same songs week. after week. after week. It's tiring...and it makes me miss home. Anyway. I was sitting in my seat just a few minutes before the service began, and the band started playing one of my favorite worship songs (that I first heard in NC), You Deserve by Hillsong. As soon as the first note was played, I recognized the song and just smiled. God knew I needed to feel at home... We also sang another song later that was a familiar one. Funny how that works, isn't it? =)

After church, I came home and watched the Pro Bowl. It was a fun game. Apparently, the hubby wasn't impressed. Lol. ;-) The funny thing is that I got him to start watching football while we were dating! I guess growing up on the east coast he was more concerned with silly basketball than football. While I grew up in Oklahoma, a die-hard Sooner football fan. Now, he's Mr. Hard Core Football Fan. =P We were chatting about the game and he mentioned that it was playing while he was in the gym, so he got to watch part of it. This is what he had to say about the game: "What a wussy game!" I tried to tell him that football is their job and that this was a just-for-fun kind of game, but he just said that "that's not football." I think I'm the only one to blame for his attitude toward football. LOL!

I enjoyed watching them sort of goof off and just have fun. Especially in the last few minutes. Hilarious. It really made me wish I'd gone. But then, who would I have gone with? Bleh. Anyways, while watching it I realized that the announcers kept saying that the Pro Bowl was in Honolulu. Oh, silly announcers!! While Honolulu is the biggest, most important city in the state on the island, Aloha Stadium is not in Honolulu. It's just the closest well-known city. I even have proof!!

Clearly to everyone but the press, Aloha Stadium is in Aiea (pronounced like "i" the letter, "a" the letter and finish with "uh"). I don't know why, but things like this frustrate me to no end. I mean, if you're going to be broadcasting from somewhere, shouldn't you know exactly where you are? I get that Honolulu is more commonly known and easier to say, but seriously? 


After 3 days of no working out, my muscles are finally not sore. Hallelujah!! Instead of easing into the more difficult Pilates workouts, I decided to delve right back in. That wasn't quite the best idea I ever had. It definitely got my heart pumping, but my muscles weren't quite as receptive. I could barely move on Friday. I may or may not have taken a muscle relaxer Friday night.... ;-) And tomorrow I start the workout week all over again. Yay me. 

I'm actually surprised at how well I'm adjusting to counting calories again. Though, that may have something to do with the fact that I still allow myself to have something sweet once a day. All within the calorie allowance, of course! What's even better is when I look at the back of boxes/cans for serving sizes and calories, I sometimes catch myself saying "Wow! That's expensive!" =P Meaning it's gonna cost me a lot of calories. Lol! 

I've also come to the conclusion that eating well is good for me, but not for my bank account. Why is it so much more expensive to eat healthy!? That's just wrong.


So, how many of you are iPhone users? *looks around for raised hands* To those of you who own (and love) an iPhone, you will probably understand when I say that I'm a tad bit addicted. 

While I was visiting home over the holidays, I downloaded the Angry Birds app. Apparently, it's "all the rage" these days and I was curious. After playing it for 10 minutes, I was slightly addicted. I've also found that Angry Birds makes me angry! Trying to kill those darn pigs is tough! =P

After attempting the same level a bazillion times today, I decided to search for a new addicting game. About a year ago, (yes really) I really wanted to download the Oregon Trail app. I randomly searched for it one day and about peed my pants when I saw that they really had made it!! My husband looked at me like I was nuts because he had no idea what Oregon Trail was. *sigh* Homeschooled kids. I swear. ;-) Anyway, I didn't get it because it was $5 and there was no stinkin' way I was paying $5 for an app! I pouted for a while and then forgot about it...until today.

I searched for it again...just to see. And what do you know? It was only $.99!! Of course I had to get it!!! After playing for maybe a half hour total, I have successfully forded 2 rivers, fixed my schooner, picked up a hitchhiker, cured one of my "kids" of the measles and lost another one to a random eagle. =P Seriously, is there a better game than Oregon Trail?! I think not!

I also play Words with Friends a lot. =) I need the practice so I can beat my husband at Scrabble. I don't think I've beat him one time in the 2.5 (!!!) years we've been married!!! And who says chivalry is dead?! ;-) Lol!


Speaking of the hubby, I've got a phenomenal V-Day package to send to him!! Eek! I really, really, really wanna show you but I can't!! I don't want to risk him seeing it on here before he gets it. I'm like really bad about not keeping secrets. He already knows one thing that's in there. I've got to at least try not to tell him...for a little while. Haha.

If he doesn't need anything from the PX, I'll be shipping it to him tomorrow. Chances are, he'll tell me that he doesn't need anything tomorrow morning and then by tomorrow night he'll remember he needed something. That's usually about the way it works. =P I don't mind, though. Getting things together for him makes me feel like I'm a halfway decent wife again. 


Well, I think my brain is officially mush and incapable of coming up with anything clever for the rest of the evening. I hope y'all had a great weekend!! And thanks for putting up with my little slice of crazy. ;-)


Jes said...

ok, so I'm a public school kid, but I had no clue about Oregon trail until my husband bought a shirt that says "you have died of dysentery"...yeah, he's a total nerd!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I LOVE Oregon Trail! I have yet to try out Angry Birds though. Killing lil piggies just seems so mean to me....even though it is just a game...hehe.

The Mrs. said...

Angry Birds makes me sooooo mad!!! ha I used to love Oregon Trail when I was little, I may have to try that one. :)

The Palmetto Mom said...

I enjoyed reading about your randomness! I'm your newest follower! :)

Chantal said...

I have Angry Birds on my Droid. Love it! Though I'm stuck on a particularly hard level... I also play WordFeud, which is basically the same thing but for Droid, and love it.

As for Honolulu... my mom tells people I live in Honolulu. Because it's "easier." Ok, mom. She used to tell people she came from Denver even though she lived about an hour away.

JG said...

I thought only homeschooled kids knew what Oregon trail was. :) None of my public school friends ever played it. Funny, huh?

I had to laugh at several of my friends watching the game yesterday. They were like, "Why do I care about this game? It doesn't even count for anything. They're just running around out there." I wanted to say, "You mean like every other non-playoff Pro game you get all worked up about the rest of the year?" But I didn't. Which is why the BCS is better.

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

OMGosh, we were at the Pro Bowl game, and while we had a blast, those guys could have played better! It was really one sided for most of the game. My grandma could have played better football than the AFC did!

Oh and Oregon Trail is the best game ever. I remember playing it on Commodore computers with the floppy disk in elementary school....gotta love the mid 80's LOL
I find with Angry Birds, that if you leave the app alone for awhile, you usually beat the level you spent 2 hours on previously haha

Hillary said...

Oh my goodness!! I am now addicted to Angry Birds! I could not stop playing it yesterday! I'm gonna go search for Oregon Trail right now! I'm a teacher and in our scholastic book club magazine for this month has it for the computer for only $5! I can't wait to get it for my class!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh Oregon Trail. Takes me back to 5th grade.