02 February, 2011

Hello, February!

For some reason, I'm really excited about this new month! It may have something to do with this:

Yup, I'm getting a little excited! 

It makes me feel so much better when I open "the donut" and see more green and a new phrase! Yay for milestones!! 

Over the last 2 days, I've gotten 2 pretty awesome packages in the mail. Let it be known that I love getting packages!! =) Yesterday, I got some pretty cute nail polish in the mail... 

 I love the way they package the polish.
Nice and snug and safe in there. =)

 Oooh, pretty!

This one has my name on it!!! =D
I'm currently wearing it on my toesies too. 
But I forgot to photograph them.
Blogger FAIL.

Anyway. Today, got another package I'd been waiting on!!! You may not find this quite as exciting as I do, but that's the way it goes.

Murad Skincare!!

Just in case you wanted to know... ;-)

I've never tried Murad before, but I've heard and read great things about it. Unlike ProActive, Murad doesn't use bleach or any overly harsh chemicals. The thought of using something that will bleach my towels on my face just makes me hurt. Murad uses salicylic acid which is easier on your skin, but still cleansing. Even though I know it will get worse before it gets better, I'm really excited about using it. Everything else I've tried has been okay, but not good enough. Especially since I got off the pill. I promise I will let you guys know how it goes. =)

Ready for a tad of randomness? Yes? Yay! =) While I was fixing my hair (insert Joe's snide remark: I didn't know it was broken), something random and silly happened. I had grabbed a clippie from the drawer to hold part of my hair back while I straightened the other part. Then I heard "SNAP!" And the clippie went flying. Quite literally.

 Clippie part #1
Yes, that's my phone...it goes where I go.
Thanks, deployment.

Clippie part #2

Clippie part #3
In the tub. Um...? Ok, whatev.

Poor little clippie never saw it coming. =(

At least my hair still turned out ok. =P

After that, I went to the museum where fun was had (really, we're not that boring) and work was done. I've been helping them deaccession (get rid of) books, but I didn't today because I wasn't feeling well. Most likely, it's my allergies bugging me. After I did what they needed I was told to go home. =P I'm not someone who likes to make decisions, so D told me to go home and rest. That was exactly what I did.

On the way home, I was singing along to the CD I'd just burned and just thinking about things when out of nowhere...

A wild boar darts across the road.

2 seconds later, her "piggies" join her.

Not wanting to hurt any piggies, I slammed the brakes and waited for all SIX of them to cross the road.

Random much?! Holy cow! First, I was just weirded out by it. I've seen a boar or to near the entrance to our housing area, but I'd never seen piggies! And then I thought, "Where else in the US do things like this happen!? Stopping your car for a BOAR and her piggies?!" Growing up in the boonies, I've stopped for cows, goats, deer, turkeys and chickens...but never BOAR or pigs. =P

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. =)

To end this lovely post, I leave you with this: my attempt at communicating with my husband this evening. Oh they joys of military life and deployment.

If you can count how many IMs I was using, kudos to you.
After editing that for last names, I feel like the US government just edited my life. =P

I hope your week is off to a great start!


Sarah Ruth said...

WOW! Seems like you had a busy day! YAY for a new phrase! I HATE when my clippies do that. It's so sad! Ha! And yes.... random... LOL!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Murad is awesome! I've used it off and on for years.

Jes said...

you had not one but 2 piggie related blogger fails today...I can do without the photo of your toes (although, I'm sure they're super cute) but there's no photo of the piggies crossing the road?!?!?! when I saw your FB status earlier, I was so hoping a photo would appear here! Good think I like you =)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Okay that last picture had me laughing hard. Geeze only in the military.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay! That's awesome that you've got less and less to go! Let us know how that kit goes! In the summer months I'm always looking for stuff to keep my skin clear.

JG said...

That donut looks really good! :) I've heard that there are some huge wild hogs around here that can make appearances on the roads. And when we were in Disney in December, there were deer EVERYWHERE in the parks! I mean, not in the *actual* parks, but all along the roads. It was crazy!

Jenn said...

Love those polishes! Zoya is great! what are the other two colors??? So pretty!