20 October, 2010

When Productivity Meets Decorating

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing Pilates. As most of you know, I had a seriously good workout routine when we were living in GA. I did Pilates 3 days a weeks (most of the time) and I ran on the elliptical at our complex's mini gym 2 days a week. Usually. Hey, we all slip every once in a while. Anyway, that was my routine. I must have been doing something right because every time I went back to NC I'd hear every girl's favorite question, "Have you lost weight?" =D But, since the PCS to Hawaii I just haven't gotten back on track. Yes, I know I've been here for almost 6 months (WOW! 6 months! Crazy.). When we got here, we were stuck in lodging for a month. I could have gone to the gym, but I wasn't exactly sure where it was. I walked back and forth to the PX and commissary at least once a week, so it wasn't like I wasn't doing anything. Then we moved into our house... Joe would take the car to work, which left me no way to get the gym other than walking. And doing Pilates on hardwood floors without a mat is completely out of the question. I have very little excuse, but I just never got around to getting back into the habit.

So, I finally did it yesterday. I rolled out my mat, plugged my laptop into the TV and started my video via Netflix. (I *heart* Netflix.) 30 minutes later, I was sure I was going to die on the floor. =P No, it wasn't quite that bad but I was kind of feeling it. Everyone says that exercising gives you more energy. For me, it's not quite the same. I was exhausted yesterday. So much so that I almost talked myself out of going to the store for some things I needed.

Today is a completely different story. I did not work out today, mainly because my legs and arms are SORE. I sat down on the couch this morning this afternoon AND tonight and almost cried. Darn you, Pilates! Seriously, though, I have had so. much. energy. today. It's weird, but so good! I didn't do much this morning, but this afternoon I got to work! I went to the museum and did the usual. Then, I decided to go back to the PX and get the curtains and curtain rod I had spied the day before. While I was there, I figured I'd need to get a drill... But, I decided that it'd be better if I just borrowed one from a friend (thanks, Chantal!). I texted Chantal, checked out, and ran to her house to grab it. I came home, took Jasper on a walk to get the mail, came in, killed bugs (one of which was a millipede!), loaded the dishwasher, took out the trash and started dinner. Yeah.

Then, I decided that while water was boiling for my dinner, I'd go check out the curtain situation. I opened the box for the curtain rod and checked out all the pieces. Then I opened the curtains and threw them in the dryer for some de-wrinkling. Dinner was just about finished (good 'ole Mac & Cheese), so I dealt with that and then sat down to eat. I was planning on watching Glee but it was a rerun. Sad face. Instead, I got a little more work done.

Watch out! ;-)

Side 1: complete!

Look at that handiwork!
Props to my dad for teaching me to do this kind of stuff!

Side 2: Done!

It's up!

I think they look awesome!

I really love the detail on the rod too.

It had me at "hello." ;-)

So, whaddaya think?
And yes, I totally made my bed just for this picture. Don't judge me. =P

I guess since my totally tough workout from yesterday spawned this crazy spurt of energy, I'll do it again tomorrow. =) I'm kind of impressed with myself too. I only had one little snafoo (is that how you spell it?) in using the drill. I used the wrong size bit and completely destroyed one of the screws. *shrugs* Live and learn! Plus, they always give you extras. There were plenty left for me to use! They also gave me another support for the rod... I'm assuming that's to use if you need to support the whole length... It's adjustable up to 66 in. and my window isn't quite that large. Anyway. I also got them for quite a steal! $14 for the rod and $15 for the curtains. 

I'm so glad I finally did this. I've been dying to hang up curtains in the bedroom. I know that no one but me (and you!) will see them, but they make me happy. =) Next, I'll be on the search for curtains for the living room. And a rug for the living room. And maybe a valance for the kitchen window... We'll see. =)

Hope y'all had a good Tuesday too!


Katie F said...

I like to think I'm self sufficient around the house when the hubs is gone but I had to wait for my dad to visit to put up my curtains and curtain rod. So major props to you for doing it yourself! I need to learn how to be more
Handy! And they look great

Expat Girl said...

I am trying to be a good little housewife and get pictures and curtains hung but I keep joking with mr Soldier that I'm doing it wrong and when he comes home I'm going to be like wait don't sit there, don't lean on that, don't close that curtain haha

ACUs and ABCs said...

I also do not feel the rush of energy after working out that so many people seem to love. I've never paid attention to the day after to see if mine was a little...slow. Hmmmm, I'll have to pay better attention next time!

Via said...

Mm pilates! I've heard of their pain...but have not tested my hand at them!

And powertools? Loove. I'm always okay with it when the hubs buys tools. I know I'll be using them ;)

You should check out the Boo Bakeoff i'm holding...it'll get you more into fall while you're "stuck" in the lovely Hawaii ;)


SLM said...

Nice job!!

ThatArmyWife said...

Curtains make a huge difference! Esp in the blandness of on post housing :) Kudo's to you!

JG said...

Look at you, handy lady! Nice work! When SoldierMan is gone, I never make the bed. :) It's just not a big deal to me, but it is to him. So I always throw it together around 3:00 before he gets home.

And I don't get that post-workout high everyone talks about either. If anything, I just pat myself on the back for actually doing it, but I don't think that's what they are talking about. :)

Poekitten said...

I like the rod you picked out! So pretty. I love curtains. I've put curtains up before but I usually let DH do it.

Chantal said...

That's a nice drill. ;)

So I did my spin class yesterday and I was EXHAUSTED afterwards. My sister made me stay up until 11pm chatting though, blah.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Wow it sounds fabulous and the curtains are awesome!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Woohoo! I'm glad you were able to get those curtains up! They look good!

Life from the Hood said...

great job i know how you feel everytime we move the 1st thing i do is hang up curtains its a big pet peeve of min if some one dosn't have curtains :)

Newlywed and Deployed said...

Wow, good job with the power tools! I have a lot to learn in that department! (And I was also upset about the Glee re-run! How could they do that to us when the season just started?!)

Chelle said...

I'm jealous! Our vertical blinds stick out from the wall and and I can't find any curtain rods that stick out further :(

I'm the handy one whether the hubs is home or not. I get too tired of waiting for him to get around to doing it for me.

Sarah Ruth said...

I love them!! SO pretty!