18 October, 2010

The Stuff You Love To Read

I've been meaning to do another "here's what I've been up to" post, but I just haven't. What with the FFC (which I'm totally loving, by the way), life and my beliefs/feelings on more important things I just haven't gotten around to it.

But, today's Sunday which means I pretty much haven't done anything all day. Except for going to church. And eating some Taco Bell. But that's it. =)

Friday, I went to the mall with Miranda. I didn't know we were going to the mall when we left, though. I had the address to a store attached to the mall that sells TOMS. I didn't realize the store was attached to the mall. Why? It has a completely different address. The Ala Moana mall is freakin' huge. Seriously. It's so huge, I couldn't even tell you how big it is. I do know that it has 3 levels and a butt load of stores. Maybe I should Google it. =P So, I visited their website (link is above) and it says they have over 290 stores/restaurants. That's pretty huge.

Anyway, back to the story. The store is Nordstroms, first of all. I totally felt like I don't have enough money to be allowed in the store. They sell designer everything. Shoes, handbags, clothes....you name it, they've got it. I did try on some TOMS and figured out what size I need. They fit a little tight, so my fat foot needs an 8.5. *sigh* I didn't buy any because I was planning on ordering the ones I really wanted online. We poked around for a while and then hit a couple other stores in the mall. =) We grabbed some lunch and then went to B&N and then a party store so Miranda could pick up some Halloween stuff.

I finished the day off with some pasta, Smallville and this deliciousness from Starbucks via Cheesecake Factory:

Did I mention that I was kind of dying to buy TOMS? Well, I was. Yesterday, I finally allowed my fingers to find their website again and then "Add to Cart." I entered all of my info, and then something odd happened.

Shipping Cost: $24

WHAT THE...?!!!?!?!!

Apparently, they only use UPS to ship. Since we've been in Hawaii, I've shipped a lot of things. Never, not once, has it cost me $24 to ship something... Let alone a pair of shoes! Talk about a rip off! I was really upset. The shoes I wanted were like $54 to begin with. Do they really expect me to pay almost 50% more for shipping?! If so, they've lost their minds. I know that TOMS sends a pair of shoes to a kid in need for every pair sold, but that's crossing the line.

I had my heart set on these:

But, I ended up buying these from eBay at about half the cost. 

I paid $15 for them and then $15 in shipping. Total cost: $30. 
What I would have paid by shipping through TOMS: $78
Savings: $38
Thanks, eBay!


Gameday was awesome!!! This was the scene in Norman, Oklahoma yesterday:


I miss football nights like that. Cool, exciting, sunset.... Anyway.

The Sooners played great! I have to say, though, that it wasn't much of a fight. Let's face it, Iowa State vs. Oklahoma isn't exactly the best match up. =P I don't even remember what the final score was. But, I do know that Iowa State never scored and OU totally ran up the score. Eh, whatev. It was good practice. ;-) 

Although I'm not a Razorback fan (University of Arkansas for you non-football peeps), I did watch their game against Auburn. True to Razorback fashion, they played a great game up until 4th quarter. They let Auburn get one TD ahead of them...and then another...and then that was it. I was pretty impressed with their backup QB, though! I don't know why in the world he wasn't in the game to begin with! Malett (or something like that) is their starting QB and he got injured in the 3rd quarter, I believe. So they put in Wilson... This guy was dyn-o-mite! I posted something on FB about it and it turns out one of my friends actually went to school with this guy. Apparently, he's always played that well. So, tell me something, UofA coaches, why on earth were you hiding this guy?! The coaches at UofA will never cease to amaze me...

Anyway, I got a very nice surprise when I got on FB this afternoon. Sooners are ranked #1 in the BCS poll!! =D Translation: the Sooners are considered the #1 team in the nation! Heck. Yes!!!!! =D Never been more proud of them! Started out the season at #9 (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong, JG!) and now we're #1! Woohoo!!

And to finish out the football weekend, the Colts won today. =) I prefer college football over the NFL, but the Colts are the one team that I do watch and love. 


My hubby's internet has been sooo sketchy the last few days. Major bummer. 

*salutes Major Bummer* =P

I think we got in about 5 mins today. While I'm thankful for that 5 mins, we got cut off at a very bad time. Right smack in the middle of a somewhat important conversation, of course. Wouldn't have it any other way. We tried several times to reconnect, but ended up just IM'ing on Skype and then on FB because Skype decided not to cooperate any longer. Oh the joys of deployment.

Here's a pic of us Skyping... It's from a few days ago. 

Joe's thinking about switching from the internet he's using now to the service they offer on the base. I just hope it's better. He's been told that it's way better than what he's using now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'd love to have a stable connection for more than a minute or two. You know, I probably wouldn't complain so much if we didn't pay $120 a month for him to have internet. It's hard not to complain when you pay so much to have something and then it doesn't even work half the time. 

Well, I guess that's about all the randomness I have for you at the moment. Unless you want to get me started on the Sister Wives season finale.... ;-) Nah, I'll save that one for later. 


Lacey said...

Oh my dear...loved reading this..
Funny because i was looking at toms the other day and the same thing ran through my head...it was weird.
Ebay yes!! im glad you found a alternative i just bid on something on ebay on accident i know it seems impossible but it happened...now im buying a dress lame.
Internet...were thinking about paying for his own internet but i worry that it wont ever work...hummm
well girl thanks for sharing!

ACUs and ABCs said...

I think our hubbies may be in different places...but we pay for the stuff that the base offers and it works the majoirty of the time. There are different levels of bandwidth you can pay for...at different price levels. We started at the middle one and have moved up to the most expensive one because the quality was much better. Skype video was clearer and he could do more than one thing on the internet at one time without everything shutting down. We spend double what my internet costs here but it is worth every penny to see and talk to my hubby! Hope you get the internet worked out soon!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Wow, the soldiers deployed have to pay for there internet connection? That's just wrong on too many levels!

Not to brag...honestly...but Canadian soldiers have internet access as long as they are on main camp...computers are supplied as well.

Its amazing to me that they're all over there doing the same job yet the military in neighboring countries can't provide the same "extras".


AbbeyG said...

Skype and Internet connections never cease to aggrevate the crap out of me. Yes, it is much better than the old days of snail mail, but sometimes I feel like it gets a kick out of screwing up on us!

On a different note, I wish Auburn would freakin lose a game. Uhhh.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That's crazy that you would had to have paid that much to get them shipped there! Good thing you were able to find them on ebay!

Mrs. Monkey said...

I've have tired TONS of video chat programs. I have been brought to tears with how frustrating skype, and oovoo and yahoo chats are. I have found that by FAR the most stable is Google video chat. If you have a gmail account it's in the lower left side of your gmail inbox. You have to install a little plug in the first time and that's it. Works 99.99% of the time for me. Hardly ever gets dropped.

H.C. Bishop said...

I am addicted to Ala Moana Mall!!! Did you visit the LUSH store yet??? It's just outside the food court on the bottom floor.

Somehow I missed the fact that you lived here in Hawaii! I can be so slow sometimes!

Priscilla said...

I bought a pair of Tom's a few weeks back and I LOVE them! I got them at Nordstrom's, and right now they have free shipping on all shoes, (I know you bought some already though.) I also thought it was funny you put a picture of your Skype chat on your blog, I did that when my husband was gone. I think we paid like $80 a month so he could have the internet when he was deployed to Iraq. we would have paid anything though!

JG said...

Yes, yesterday was wonderful. :) And I'm glad you got your shoes for such a good deal. I never even considered shipping costs to Hawaii. That's insane!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Yay for Skype snapshots!!

Yay for Ebay!

Yay for you having a catch up post!

Loves :)

trooppetrie said...

so our last deployment my hero moved around a ton. just as soon as he would pay crazy amount for internet he would move and it could not be moved. I was so irritated but it was worth it to be able to talk to him