17 October, 2010

War and Religion

Today, Lacey posted a link to a newspaper article on the protesting happening at military funerals. I have to tell you how sickened I am. Not only because these people are protesting the war at military funerals, but because they call themselves Christians. These people from Westboro Baptist Church (located in Kansas) hold up signs saying "Thank God for Dead Soldiers," "You're Going to Hell," and "God Hates the USA."

I'm not kidding.

The absolute worst part of this is that these people call themselves Christians. Let me tell you this:

Under any circumstances, Christians DO NOT behave this way. Ever.

In the article, a woman said that "if you want them to stop dying, stop sinning." Well, geez. If it were that easy, don't you think people would have stopped sinning a long time ago?! It's not that easy!!!

What gets me is that this church is supposedly Baptist. Joe and I were both raised in Baptist churches. We were taught that Christians were NEVER supposed to act this way or say these things. EVER.

We believe that Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life and then gave His life for us on the cross. He gave His life so that we - sinners - could have a relationship with God. He died so that His blood would cover our sin. He died so that we wouldn't have to!

We do not believe that the death of soldiers is because of the sin of the world. War is a product of our sin nature. Since we live in an imperfect world where our enemy, Satan, is always at work, war is a necessary evil. God is NOT punishing our soldiers. Does God allow the evil to happen? Yes. Does God allow these men and women to die? Yes. But every single one of us will die in the flesh one day. That's just part of the world we live in. That's what happened when Adam and Eve sinned. They condemned us all to die of the flesh. But, we don't have to endure an eternal death, thanks to Jesus' sacrifice for us. (John 3:16, Romans 5:8-9)

It breaks God's heart when we sin. He doesn't want us to, but He knows that it's in our nature. He knows that we - unlike Him - are not perfect. He wants us to try to be like him. He wants us to strive to be like Him. The punishment for sin is death, indeed. (Romans 6:23) But the punishment doesn't come in this life here on earth. It comes after our death on earth. Personally, that's the one I'm more concerned with.

I will confidently say that God is severely disappointed in the members of Westboro Baptist Church. His heart is breaking for the families that these so-called Christians are ridiculing. If you want to be anti-war, that's one thing. Using the name of God in this way is despicable. Free speech aside, these attacks on military families are, for lack of a better word, cruel. God does not want us to be cruel. He wants us to hurt for these people, to comfort them! We are supposed to be their crying shoulder. People who do not believe in God will not reach out to people who criticize them day in and day out! They won't! People who don't believe in God will reach out to those they can trust. People who love them, care about them, and care about what they care about.

My heart breaks for the families who have had to endure their sons' and daughters' funerals through the picketing and protesting. The death of a service member, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, etc. is hard enough without so-called Christians telling them that their loved ones wouldn't have died if they had just stopped sinning. It hurts them so much more. What if they don't believe in God? What if they were desperate for someone to reach out to, but now since you - the people of Westboro Church - have protested at the funeral of their loved one, they think that Christians are terrible people? What if they will never again reach out to God because of what YOU did? May God have mercy on you. Only you will be responsible for your actions in this life. We will all have to answer for our actions one day.

I pray that this church realizes this NOW and stops hurting these precious people. God loves these people. God loves every single person on this planet whether they know Him or not. He longs for a relationship with them. This is not the way to reach people. It is, however, a really good way to keep them away from God and, ultimately, to condemn them to Hell.


AbbeyG said...

I couldn't agree more. I recently stumbled across some info about this "Church" and was completely mortified. They even make their little children stand out and hold the cruel signs as well! You really explained this so perfectly and got the Message across. My heart also goes out to these families, we just have to keep praying for them!!

Christy Harris said...

Well put! I'm not sure why more Christians don't speak out against these folks...I think that the enemy tells us that we are hypocrites if we do because "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". We are afraid to say much for fear that someone will turn things on US as army wives or as Christians.

Westboro Baptist hurts my heart. Mainly because this guy's flock has been so severely misled...severely MISLED. You are right...Christians should never act like this under any circumstances. **sigh**

Chelsea Pearl said...

I have known about this church for some time now.(Ever since they protested at a soldiers funeral and the boys father sued the church...he won...but later the ruling was thrown out because of "freedom of speech") It's not just soldiers funerals they protest. It's pretty much EVERYTHING under the sun. They disgust me.
I do however think they serve a bigger purpose then we know. Because of their actions Christians and non-Christians are joining together to stop them. There will always be non-believers in this world but I do feel that through this people are joining together to make it stop. To silence them.
There is a "battle" if you will, being fought spiritually. Demons are everywhere. They are sneaky and they do the Devils bidding and they do it well. But the devil is ignorant in the ways of love. LOVE is what is bringing us together now. LOVE for these men and women who died for our country.
While I do believe that these people are terrible, I also believe that perhaps through them we can join together and perhaps save more souls in the proses.

Jessica said...


I couldn't have said it so eloquently, but I am so glad that you did. I'm glad that you speak of your love of God and I love reading your blog because of it! Keep it up!

armywife_b2010 said...

I could not agree more with you on this. These so called Cristians were severly MISLED and No Cristian should ever do or say these things.

JG said...

The problem is that we still refer to the Westboro group as a church. They are not a church. They are a single large family and a few other hangers-on that form a political action group who wanted the tax shelter of being a church, so they formed a church.

Back in 2007, legislation was passed so that they couldn't protest funerals in Oklahoma anymore. So they came to protest my church one Sunday morning, where the author of the legislation went to church. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen.

JG said...

Sorry, 2005, not 2007.

Lacey said...

Hey girl, i am so so glad you wrote this. This is exactly how i felt when i saw the video. Thats why i put it on my blog, thank you so much for posting your opinions as well! I think the more people are aware the better! Your right we just need to pray for these people. Thanks again for your opinions.

Skinnie Piggie said...

They get around... right now they are in a huge case in the Supreme Court over 1st Amendment Rights.

Anyway... this so-called "church" is actually just an extended family... I don't know who brainwashed them, but I agree it is totally sickening what they do, and Christians first & foremost should represent LOVE.

Also... where in the Bible does it say that sins cause the deaths of soldiers? There are so many battles and wars and soldiers and we are considered part of "God's Army." Someone needs to re-read their Bible...

The Hapa Girl said...

I agree with everyone who says they are not a church! They can't be Christian's either. They have a real distorted view on Christianity, church and God! What bothers me the most, is that non christians will look to them as what all Christians are like and I never ever want to grouped into the same catergory as they are! They are hurting true christians and believers in Christ than anything else, and I really wish that more Christians would take a stand against them and their beliefs. So, good for you for making that stand!