21 October, 2010

Snail Mail!

I don't know why, but I love getting fun mail. A card, a little note, a postcard (like the one I got from my hubby), or a box. I especially love getting boxes!! Boxes mean goodies. Sometimes they mean goodies I ordered. Today, I got a goodie box from my bestie!! And, oh, was it EVER full of goodies!

Just to show you how BIG it is...
 Can you believe that they left this in one of the mail lockers?!
I had to carry this BEAST all the way back to my house.
Seriously, it weighed a ton. I'm thinking like 20 lbs.
Jasper weighs 16 and he is light compared to that box.
My house is like 4 houses down from the mailboxes. Grrrrr.
I'm considering calling the post office about this.

She left me a little note. =)

Sheets! Woohoo!

Look at all those goodies!

There was fabric...

This will be a little somethin' for my momma.

This will be a little something for me... 
Well, for future babies, really.

There were journals. 

A sweet invitation to a baby shower...

This will be a cover for my Nook. Eventually.

Extra fabric that Melissa didn't want.

Scrapbooking stuff!!!! Woohoo!
It's really for her, but I'm kind of excited about making a new scrapbook.

Needless to say, I'm going to have plenty of projects for a while. =) I actually have another one I'm thinking of doing, but I don't have the fabric for it. Plus, I'm sure I'm going to be busy working on other things.

While we're talking of mail, I finally got paired up with some lovely ladies who are participating in a fun little swap! Jessica from Jesstagirl and Her Officer came up with a fabulous idea: a postcard swap! 


I signed up along with a bunch of other ladies and we all got paired up! Now, we just send out a postcard and wait to get our own. I'm kind of excited about it. I can't wait to see where mine is from! I'm sure my lucky person will be excited to get one from here too. I mean, who wouldn't, right?!

In other news, today has been a good day. I did Pilates, went to the musuem, carried that heavy freakin' package in and got to talk to my hubby via Skype for an hour! Today was his day off, thank goodness. =) Since he "called" so early, the connection was better than usual and we were able to actually hold a conversation! He got to watch me make dinner (pancakes, yum!), and then we sat down at the table and he got to watch me eat too. Lol! It was almost like having dinner together.... Almost. 

All in all, I think it was a good day! Happy Hump Day!

P.S. Don't forget to start sending me this week's photos for the Fall Foto Contest!


Miranda said...

YaaaaaaaaY! I love getting packages! You have an awesome best friend!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Getting mail is so fun! I am so happy you got to talk to hubbs!

Goodnight moon said...

I love getting boxes in the mail! So fun!!!! You got some amazing stuff!!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

How great! Isn't getting real mail, the best?! Love it!

JG said...

What a fun package! :) What a great friend!

BTW, your background is showing up as all-white. Is it supposed to do that?

LivKit said...

I love packages but I never get them! Love the blog! Newest follower!