22 October, 2010

Fall Foto Contest: Week Three

If I haven't told you so already, thanks to all of you who send me your photos! I really love seeing them all in my inbox. For a whole bunch of amateurs, y'all are taking some fabulous photos! ;-) Here are this week's entries (in no particular order):

Photo by Via

Photo by Lacey

Photo by Amber

Photo by Kristen

Photo by Jessica

Photo by Jes
{not to be confused with Jessica =)}

Photo by Monica

Not quite as many as last week, but I think you'll agree that it's about quality not quantity. =) Now comes the part where I tell you to vote for your favorite photo. 

So, vote for your favorite photo!!! =D 

The polly thingy is over on the right sidebar under the FFC button. If you're participating in the contest (or if you just want more people to participate), please grab the button and stick it somewhere on your blog. =)

Happy Fall!! And keep those fall fotos coming! I am seriously loving it! =)


A Marine's Wife! said...

lol are you sure these are amateurs!? these are gorgeous!

Goodnight moon said...

I loved everyone's this week too!!!!! Amazing pictures!!!!! Thanks again for hosting!

JG said...

I love them all, but I'm voting for Jes's. I like the perspective and shot of the path, and it's different. :) I like different.

nicole said...

Amber's =] love the idea.

Kathryn said...

Beautiful photos! I really like the first one and Jessica's as well! :)

AbbeyG said...

Every one of these pictures is gorgeous!! I love how we're starting to see some new things in the pictures :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Love them all! The poll is closed though so I must have missed it.