01 March, 2010

Taking A Break

I'm breaking from cleaning right now. Ellen is on, so I have to watch! =)

I tried out my new Pilates DVD today and was severely disappointed. I was really excited about it, too! Although, I suppose I shouldn't have expected much from a $6 DVD from FYE. Oh well. I did manage to do part of that DVD and some more Pilates thanks to Netflix on the Xbox. Now, my abs are killing me! No pain, no gain. Right?

Then, I put in 2 loads of laundry. We did 2 loads yesterday, 2 loads today...and I still have laundry that needs washing. But do I have the money for that? Um, no. I seriously hate having to pay to wash/dry clothes. Joe and I looked at washers and dryers on Saturday. I don't think we'll be getting them any time soon...but it's definitely worth saving for. I mean, we could save up for a couple months and never have to worry about it again! I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and I will clean the living room [and desk] as soon as Ellen is over.

I spent half the morning freaking out because I realized that we're barely going to make it until the next payday. This is all thanks to my debt. *sigh* Why I ever got convinced that I'd be able to pay off the card before the wedding, I'll never know. Enter one year of no payments, a couple payments made, and an unemployed husband...the card fell off the list of things to pay. So, we're paying it off today and rent is due in 4 days. Well, actually it's due today...but, let's face it - not gonna happen. I decided to put the [new to us] iMac that we rarely use and don't want to spend the time fixing up on Craigslist. I'm hoping I'll be able to sell it and use the money to help get us between paydays. I thought my living paycheck to paycheck days were over once we got his first Army check. Boy, was I wrong. Maybe God is just trying to remind me that we can't make it on our own without Him. We haven't really been tithing like we should...I'm just praying that I  can sell this thing. We're not attached to it. We barely use it because it's slow, and we can't fix it up because it would take way more time, money, and effort than we're willing to put into it. Let's hope this works!

I know I told you I'd have pictures for you today but, alas, I do not. Don't hate me. I big puffy heart all of you!

Before I go, I have to tell you about the lovely giveaway over at Lovely Yellow Ribbons! She is giving away one of these fabulous things to one of her readers! Head on over there, check it out, and send some love!



Whitney said...

I've just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it so far. I even left you an award of my blog :)

Krista said...

hey, i saw what you said about a washer/dryer... i take it you live near a base right? there should be a second hand appliance store.
we got ours at one and they gave us a one year warranty and our set isnt that old. its 2006 i guess. and pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

I bought my washer and dryer from Aarons a few years ago. We got 120 days same as cash (instead of 90) because we were military and payed it off that way. Plus it went on our credit that we paid it on time and all that...

I hope things get better for you guys soon. I know how hard it can be, this time last year things were really, really bad for us.