28 February, 2010


I'm sure you're getting tired of me saying this, but I hate when the weekend is over. Then again, I'm sure most people do. =) We're in the process of getting Joe's off-post packet approved, but hit a pretty big snaffoo. His driver's license expired....last month. Way to go, hubby! I don't blame him though, it's not like he drives all the time or uses it as his main ID anymore. *sigh* So since NC doesn't renew licenses online, we're [probably] going to have to make a trip to NC just to go to the stinkin' DMV. Gr! I'm going to call tomorrow just to make sure that there isn't some form or something we can fill out to get around that since he's military. Honestly, I don't even know that they'll let him have a day off so we can drive up there. We'll see, I guess.

I seriously hate taking him back. I'm also seriously getting stressed about PCSing and the imminent deployment. Since he's going to Hawaii {unless his orders get changed}, it's highly likely he'll get deployed this summer. We know of 2 units getting deployed: 1 in June, and another in July. *sigh* I'm really worried about it...probably because it's the first. Then there's the actual PCS. And the fact that it takes 5 bazillion forms and 7 bazillion dollars to get my precious baby puppy there. =( Oh, and let's not forget about housing. Shipping HSG, the car...paying off bills.... Did I mention I'm stressing out?! Honestly, a big part of my hopes that his orders got changed like the other half of his class and he got pulled back to CONUS. That would at least ease a couple of my worries. But, since he can't log in and find out if they got changed, I'm going to be waiting for a while. If they didn't get changed, he said he can request a few extra weeks so we can get things in order. I wanted to hug him! I know how badly he wants to get the heck outta dodge [and I do too], so it was sweet of him to give me a few extra weeks and peace of mind. =)

Every time I start to worry about our finances, moving, and deployment...I know that God is telling me not to worry. There have been several times lately during my nightly Bible study and prayer that God has given me those verses in Matthew 6 where He talks about not worrying about tomorrow. He reassures us that, as he takes care of the sparrow, He will take care of us. I'm a worrier. I fret, I worry, I fear. Not because I want to, but because it's in my nature. I know he's trying to change this part of me so that I will rely on Him more...but, oh it's so hard! You'd think it'd be so easy to just say, "Here God. Take my worries, I leave them up to You." And then not deal with it anymore. But that's not the way it goes. Usually, I say "take my worries" and then hours, sometimes days, later I'll say "but, God...what about this....what about that....what if this happens?" The cycle starts over again. I want to have that kind of faith and trust, and I think I'm getting there, but man is it tough!

Oh, I went to patriot games Friday afternoon on post! It was fun, but freezing cold! I'll be sure to share pictures with you tomorrow! Hope ya'll have a good week!



JG said...

I hear you. This whole experience has really taught me what it means to wait on God and really trust in His timing. But you can do it, because He will take care of you. :)

Lindsey said...

I hear ya! I'm in the whole waiting on God and it's tough not having control, not gonna lie. Prayers and hugs friend!