04 March, 2010

A Little More About Us

This is a random quiz-type thing I've seen on several blogs lately. I thought I'd join in. =) I "borrowed" this from Katie at The Life of an Army Wife.

1. What are your middle names?
     Rachelle and Leon

2. How long have you been together?
    About 3 1/2 years, 1.8 of them married.

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating?
    I knew who he was for about 2ish years before we actually met. After we officially met, we knew each other for about 2 months.

4. Who asked who out?
     He asked me out.

5. How old are each of you?
    He's 25 and I'm 23.

6. Did you go to the same school?
    High school, no. College, yes.

7. Are you from the same home town?
    Definitely not. He calls NC home {though he lived in several states growing up}, and I grew up in a small town on the eastern border of OK.

8. Who is the smartest?
     I think he is...but he'd probably say that I am.

9. Who majored in what?
     I majored in History with Teacher Licensure (7-12), and he majored in Music Education, Vocal (K-12).

10. Who is the most sensitive?
       Definitely me. I turned into the biggest softy not too long after we started dating. I don't know what happened!

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
       On our honeymoon, we drove from western AR to the coast of NC.

12. Who has the worst temper?
       That would be me! Noticed the red hair?

13. How many children do you want?
       3ish. However many God wants to give us!

14. Who does the cooking?
       Me, unless I want frozen pizza or takeout for dinner. =)

15. Who is more social?
       That would be Joe. He's very chatty and rarely meets a stranger.

16. Who is the neat freak?
       Neither of us, really. I do most of the cleaning though.

17. Who is the most stubborn?
       Probably me.

18. Who wakes up earlier?
      Definitely not me! I love my sleep! Even before the Army, Joe was an early riser. I had just gotten him trained to sleep in...and then he enlisted. *sigh*

19. Where was your first date?
       The Nickel & Dime Diner

20. Who has the bigger family?
       He does...by a long shot.

21. Do you get flowers often?
      Often? No. On occasion, yes.

22. How do you spend the holidays?
       Well, it depends. Thanksgiving has been with his family the last 2 years...last Christmas with his family (we visited mine the week before). This Christmas with mine, and his the week after. Next year will definitely be different though.

23. Who is more jealous?
       That is a good question....I'm gonna say me.

24. How long did it take to get serious?
      Um...a few months, I think. We didn't get engaged until we'd been together for a little over a year though.

25. Who eats more?
       Definitely Joe. =) I'd forgotten how much more he eats than I do after I moved down here...lol!

26. What do you do for a living?
      Right now...I'm a stay at home wife. =)

27. Who does the laundry?
       That would be me!

28. Who's better with the computer?
       Definitely Joe. Definitely.

29. Who drives when you are together?
      Joe does, usually.

30. What is your song?
       We don't really have a song. One of the songs from our wedding was "Broken Road" - Rascal Flatts.

{This was taken while we were dating. =)}

Hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little bit better! Feel free to "steal" this from me and post it on your blog!



Kathryn said...

Cue stuff! Love the pic of you and your hubby!

Just to let you know I am doing a flag giveaway for military families on my blog! :)

Via said...

Great survey! Stealing!

Kathryn said...

I love your idea of framing the flag with pictures!!!

Thanks for entering and I have you down for two entries! :)

JG said...

I love that picture of the two of you! Very cute!