03 March, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

"...I know that the Lord is always on the side of the right. But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord's side."

~Abraham Lincoln 

Wouldn't it be great if our presidents today thought the same?! How powerful and blessed would our nation be if our leaders turned to God instead of money? Part of me sometimes wishes that I had lived "back in the day" when leaders, politicians, etc. believed in God and turned to Him when problems arose. Sure, the world wasn't perfect then either but at least the leaders then lead the country in an honorable and Godly direction. 

We can't say that today. Not with bills being brought to the forefront every day to legalize same-sex marriage, abortion, etc.  What happened? Where did our leaders of faith go? Are they too scared of being criticized to come out of the wood work and fight for what they believe in?

Food for thought. 

Happy Hump-Day!


ae said...


Via said...

SOME of the former presidents make good quotes. True. Love them. I even love L. Johnson, who recorded all of the phone conversations in the oval office...which also happened to include a conversation with his tailor about how he needed to have extra fabric in the crotch because his "balls were too big"...I do miss when presidents used to talk like that ;D Haha!

And also, this is completely unrelated, but your title reminded me of this and I laughed hard. At the high school I teach at, they do "words of wisdom" announcements every morning. Usually, it's some dorky quote that the kids never listen too, but today the usual guy was out of the building so the principal got on and did the words of wisdom. Her words of wisdom? "Behave or get suspended. Have a good day." LOTS of laughing involved.

Melissa said...

Preach much? lol
No, I agree...

Alia said...

oh so true! We can only pray this will happen soon! oh and p.s thank you so much for my award!

JG said...

Good word. You hit the nail on the head!