07 December, 2009

This Crazy, Wonderful Life ♥

Moving Day #2 came and went without a hitch. Well, except for the fact that the movers couldn't get their stinkin' huge truck down my driveway. Seriously - who on earth expects to see an 18 wheeler pull up at their house to move them? Not me. Then again, this is my first military move. And lessons have been learned, folks!

Lesson #1: Pack what you think you'll need f
or a week...maybe more.

Lesson #2: Keep some sort of toilet cleaner around...to clean up after movers/packers use the facilities. Blegh.

Lesson #3: Take allergy medicine!! All the dust had me sneezing and coughing for 2 days...and I'd recently ran out of my meds., which usually isn't that big of a deal. *sigh*

Lesson #4: Learn to interpret ebonics. Seriously. Couldn't understand the movers for like 2 hours.

So, here I am in our lovely new apartment...using my laptop for ALL of my entertainment, a rubbermaid box for a table/laptop stand, paper plates, plastic cutlery, paper cups, sleeping on an air mattress and staring at our wonderfully decorated Christmas tree. I REALLY hope that the movers get here Wed. afternoon instead of Thursday. This lack of furniture is killing my back!

*Side note: *loving* being here with my hubby and seeing him every day!!! *

In other news, my niece made her grand entrance at 9:30 last night!!! I so wish I could have been there! All the pictures I've seen are great, but I'm sure they don't do her justice! If she had come when she was supposed to - instead of waiting until I moved - I would have been there. Silly girl. But, she's beautiful and perfect despite her slowness. =) It definitely runs in the family! Mom and baby are doing great and getting into a routine. I can't wait to hold her! It may be a little silly that I'm so excited about this little girl...but hey, I can spoil her and send her home! Oh, the beauty of being an aunt and not a parent!!! Hahaha! =) I'm sure I'll get payback when we have kids, but oh well! I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Meet Eden Rose, my beautiful niece! 6 lbs, 11.5 oz of perfection!
An early Christmas present for our family. =)

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