03 December, 2009

Moving Madness, Day #1

Can I just say -- oh my goodness. ALL of my stuff is in boxes! Anything that's not liquid, flammable, or otherwise determined harmful is packed. For some reason, I didn't realize that everything was going to be packed until it happened. LOL! Don't ask me why. For instance, I assumed that I would still have my microwave and silverware...which I do not. This translates into take out for dinner! Oh well.

So, the movers were pretty nice. Interesting person
alities, but overall nice. I'm really glad a friend suggested I feed the packers...if I hadn't, they probably would have taken a 2 hour break. Those people are very serious about taking breaks!! They took 10 to "stretch" before they began packing my things...then took another 10 about an hour later. They took an hour for lunch - no biggie. I'd want an hour break too. And they took another 10 about an hour and a half later. Wow.

So, now that this is over with I'm a little less stressed. The actual movers are coming tomorrow to pick my stuff up. Definitely nervous about that. More strange people in my house...messing with my stuff. =/ And then moving it 200 miles. Plus, I have to get up early AGAIN because I have to take a shower at my sister in law's house. Why? No shower curtain!! Tomorrow is most definitely going to be an interesting day. I'm curious to see how all these boxes fit in the new apartment...yikes...

Here are a few photos of the moving madness. =)

{Believe it or not, this is my kitchen.}

{Master Bedroom}

{Spare Bedroom}
Who knew we had so much junk?! And why is it that you only realize this when you move?

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