09 December, 2009

Moving Day #3

Finally came!!! Our stuff arrived this morning around 9:30! The movers were here, unloading things until a little before 12. =D Much quicker than the moving out...which doesn't make just a whole lot of sense, but who am I to question it?

As happy as I am to have my furniture, I did not welcome the 5.3 million boxes that were shoved (well, almost) into this little apartment. =( Downsizing is harder that I thought it would be. We still need to get rid of a desk. I'm seriously considering just giving it to the lending closet. I wonder if they would come get it for me? We don't have a truck and I HIGHLY doubt it would fit into the back of my car, even though the seats do lay down for storage.

Anyway, the extra bedroom looks more like a storage unit with carpet and a bathroom right now. =/ Boxes are piled almost up to the ceiling and, I swear, there's about 5 square feet of walking space. Our bedroom is pretty darn crammed, but I think once all the boxes are cleared out it will look just fine. The dining area looks pretty sad right now too. The only thing I accomplished today was unpacking the 10 boxes in the living room, connecting game consoles to the tv, and organizing DVDs. I don't know why, but I'm super exhausted. I guess seeing all those boxes kind of overwhelmed me. So, tomorrow (and for several days to come) I've got my work cut out for me. I suppose it does beat being bored and sitting on the floor though!!! I'll post pictures of this insane mess later...when I find the cord for my camera. =) Til then, picture 5200 pounds of stuff (including furniture) in a 903 square ft. apartment.

Now, for some rest before I start clearing these boxes out!!


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Goodwill will come pick up your desk!

Sarah said...

Sweet! Thanks!