14 December, 2009

Ding, Ding! Round 2

...of antibiotics, that is. *sigh*

Right around Thanksgiving, I got this sinus infection...that I pretty much denied having for probably a week before I finally gave in and called the doctor. {Something you probably don't know is that I've been sick for the better part of my existence AND I have asthma that I should have outgrown, but no such luck. This asthma is also allergy-induced. As if I needed something to add on to the pile of things wrong with me. Ugh.} So, I called the doctor and they called me in some antibiotics that I've had countless times and I was pretty confident that it would work. I also was told to pick up some OTC (over the counter...I was a pharmacy tech. for a while) Mucinex and saline nasal spray.

I thought I was getting better, but my allergies were really starting to kick my butt. I assumed that it was just allergies and nothing else...then came the cough. Which, if you know anything about asthma, can be one of two things: just an annoying allergy related cough, or a warning sign. So obviously, I decided it was nothing and just decided to wait it out - maybe it would go away once all the boxes were gone. Last night, I started developing a sore throat. =( So, like any good girl, I gargled some warm salt water, took NyQuil and went to bed. And woke up with a sore throat like none other. {I used to get strep almost every year...got lucky last year and didn't get it.} I got up and made some coffee, praying that its lovely warmness would burn - I mean, cure - my sore throat. It helped but not as much as I'd hope. Curiosity got the best of me and I grabbed the combination flashlight/screwdriver thingy from my husband's nightstand to go look at what was growing in, er...irritating, my throat. And what did I find? Pretty much what I suspected, red with lovely white patches. *sigh* Time for the doctor's office. And since I just moved here...to the walk in I went.

I was actually quite surprised at how NOT busy the place was. Normally this time of year (and what with H1N1), places like that are packed. I guess I got lucky. They did a throat culture - those are fun - and it turned out that it was negative for strep. WOOHOO! So, the good 'ole doctor came in looked at my throat, listened to my heart and lungs...and wrote me a buttload of prescriptions - after asking me where I got my prescriptions because he wanted to give me a high powered dose of antibiotics to get rid of....this mystery infection. {By the way, the sore throat is from the drainage from my nose and its prolonged stuffiness. Yay.} I told him to go ahead and do it...I'm tired of being sick. So, I got a shot of steriods in the arm, antibiotics, allergy nasal spray, and oral steriods to go. Yay, me!

I'm sooooooooo tired of being sick. I've spent most of my life on the couch or in the bed suffering from cold after cold, infection after infection. I've had enough already!!!! I think it's time for a break!!!!!!! Hubby doesn't quite seem to understand...sorry, babe, still love you! For some reason, he thinks its in my head. Yeah. Like I really want to be sick. Who wishes to be sick?? And I can tell myself I'm not sick all I want...that usually makes it worse because I wait longer to call the doctor. And the reason I didn't fully recover from the sinus infection is
probably because of all the dust and junk that comes with moving! Grrrr! How many times do I have to remind him that my asthma is allergy induced -- not mind induced. And once the asthma starts to act up, my immune system starts to get all retarded and not help me fight off infection. Ugh. Still irritated.

I apologize to anyone who has a queasy tummy right now...I got a little descriptive...but, I needed to vent. =) Thanks for listening...er, reading!

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