18 December, 2009

Christmas is Near!

I'm getting excited about Christmas!! I can't wait to see all my family, especially my new niece! =) However, I'm not excited about all the traveling and living out of a suitcase. We leave Saturday to head to NC to see my niece!! Then, Monday we're making the good 'ole trek to AR. Yay. I hate that drive almost more than I hate flying. So, you see the problem. =P

{I had to include a picture of my pretty little niece!}

Anyway, we're getting settled into the new apartment. I'm loving it! When all the boxes came, I was terrified that they were never going to get unpacked. We've managed to clear boxes out of the living room, bedroom, kitchen/dining area...but that's it. There are boxes crammed into the hallway leading to the spare bedroom...which you really can't get into anyway. It's beginning to feel more homey, but sometimes I wish I knew were everything was. Like the books I had on the bookshelf...they're in one of about 10 boxes labeled "books". Thanks for being specific, packers. A labeling like "books from bookshelf" would have been awesome.

Here are just a few pictures of the apartment. =)

After the movers brought our stuff:

It's getting there!!

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Erin said...

Your niece is SO adorable! Looks like the new place is really coming together!