30 December, 2009

Christmas Festivities

Have been going on for over a week and I'm getting exhausted!!!

The Saturday before Christmas, we came back to NC to see my little niece! And, as expected, she is gorgeous...and TINY! So sweet. =) I w
as in baby heaven. Lol!

Monday, we left for AR to visit my parents and another portion of Joe's family. We were there through Christmas. I love my family...I really, really do, but sometimes I seriously wonder! I guess maybe I was just overwhelmed by being with my family in all of their loud splendor, but it was almost a little much at times. Is that terrible? Or maybe it was just the fact that I was staying at someone else's house...that always makes things a little difficult. And then throw in two 15 hour drives in two weeks...lots of food, tons of sugar, prese
nts, and family time...no wonder I was overwhelmed!!! =) We also had a white Christmas!! It was a powdery snow..with tons of wind, but white nonetheless! ☃

I did have fun shopping with Mom, though. I don't think my hubby or bank account appreciated that one too much though. ;-) Hehehe. Oh well! It's not every day I get to have some quality shopping time with Mom!

I also visited my bff, Melissa! =D We didn't get much time because of all the family stuff, but we did squeeze in time for baking Play Dough Cookies! Along with listening to some Michael Buble, laughing about our own craziness, and girl talk, we managed to make some pretty darn cute cookies! (Separate blog to come on those later, but I'll share a couple pics to tease you all!)

Now, Joe and I are back in NC enjoying some time with his family. By the end of this week, I have a feeling both of us are going to be in a sugar-and-family-induced coma. =P But, until then we will be enjoying as many minutes as we can with family. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family, full of laughter! ♥

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Melissa Hendrix said...

Such yummy!! yummy cookies...don't worry you will be home soon :) Love you.