09 November, 2009

I Vote for Longer Weekends!

It seems to me like the weekdays creep by ever so slowly and then suddenly around Friday at 5:00 time goes into super-speed! What's with that? Does anyone else feel the same?

Despite the very little time the weekends give us, Joe and I had a really good weekend. I drove down on Friday and got there relatively early, which was nice. I wasn't rushed, I had plenty of daylight and plenty of good songs on the iPod to keep me entertained! Once I got there, I had to wait a while for Joe to get done with class, mail call, and formation. *sigh* Why is it always hurry up and wait? Friday night was really nice. =)

Saturday was apartment shopping day! I think we went to 4 or 5 places. Not a whole lot, but I only picked ones that were in our price range and accepted dogs. It's hard to find places that meet both of those requirements while being really nice. There were 2 places that seemed nice, and 1 that I am completely in love with even though it's a little more expensive than we were wanting to pay. I guess that's just the way it goes. This one has very nice, spacious closets (everything a girl needs!), a kitchen with a DISHWASHER and plenty of storage/cabinet space, nice sized bedrooms, and a patio/balcony. *sigh* I am in love!!! Oh, and did I mention the 2 ponds, pool, grill area, clubhouse with wi-fi, tennis courts, laundry center, and fitness center?!

Hopefully, Joe can get all the paperwork started tomorrow. He's got the day off (along with Wed.) for Veteran's Day, so maybe he can get everything going. I'm hoping (and praying hard) that I'll be able to be there by Thanksgiving. I just don't think I can stand for him to be alone on a holiday. He only gets that day off - no 4 day weekend for Phase V's - so, there's no way he'll be able to come here or I'll be able to go there. =( Plus, if I'm there, his buddies that can't go anywhere or don't have family can come over and hang out. Which I'm sure they'll love. =) We'll see, though. I know God's timing is perfect, but sometimes, I really just want it to be in my time! I know I'm impatient sometimes, and I really hope that God isn't wanting to teach me patience in this one! Lol! =)

Gotta love some quality Joe & Sarah time. =D

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