23 November, 2009

Anger, Sorrow, Giddiness...

All experienced in one day. How, you ask? Allow me to tell you this wonderful story.

You may know that I am trying desperately to move to GA where my hubby is currently in AIT. Friday, he spent his morning finalizing all the paperwork. We were under the impression that all was set to go and that I'd be moving on Tuesday. WRONG!

Apparently, a fax was never sent from one fort to the other because of a number change. Why everyone wasn't informed of this change, I have NO idea. That's another story though. So, when I called to confirm that the movers were coming tomorrow I was met with, "We never received a fax confirming____." And I was also informed that they couldn't come tomorrow because "that's not the way it works." Wow. And this is AFTER I spent AN HOUR waiting for the freaking transportation office to answer their dadgum phone!!!!! Seriously, doesn't the Army have people that do that?! Obviously not, because I spent most of my day hearing the endless "ring, ring" on the other end praying that someone - anyone - would pick up. So, after receiving that lovely news, I proceeded to call the base where hubby is at to see what the problem was. I was met with a lovely lady who proceeded to tell me that she could not help me because my goods weren't coming there yet. Seriously, I almost came through that phone and strangled the woman after speaking to her a total of 3 times on the phone...in all of which she told me she couldn't help me. The 4th time I called back, I finally got a HELPFUL woman on the phone who sent the fax...only for the other base not to get it again because of the number change.

So, back to the phones for Sarah! After several phone calls, I finally reached a wonderful, amazing, sweet girl who talked me through the rest of the process. She even walked over to Outbound Transportation and made sure someone would talk to me! =) I just wanted to hug her! After another phone call - and email sent to - this wonderful woman, I was informed that the earliest they good move my "goods" would be Dec. 3/4. =( Sad day.

So far we have anger (annoying lady on the phone who refused to help me) and sadness (no way they can move me tomorrow).

So, after all that I finally was able to call one of my lovelies and tell her all the junk that had happened that day. She'd seen my status on facebook regarding my moving issues and sent me a text. She reminded me that even though I couldn't move, I could still go to GA, sign the lease for the new apartment and spend the rest of the week with him. The "giddy" part was when we started picturing "Thanksgiving on the floor". =D We won't have a stick of furniture in that place, and we're going to spend Thanksgiving there!!! Picture this: an apartment with nothing but a futon/air mattress (haven't decided which I'd rather purchase), a laptop with speakers, tons of DVDs, Thanksgiving dinner in the oven, paper plates, paper towels, plastic silverware, plastic cups, a bottle of wine, and our crazy puppy!! LOL!!!! This is most definitely going to be a holiday we never forget!!!


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Where in GA is your husband going to AIT? If you are at Gordon, I can help your Thanksgiving on the floor!

Erin said...

Glad you at least get to spend the holiday together! And that they got the issues worked out!

Sarah said...

He is at Fort Gordon! =) Thanks for the offer, but we found out last night that he is able to travel for Thanksgiving so we're going to go back to our furnished apartment in NC. Leave it to the Army to do things last minute. Oh well! =)