16 November, 2009

Oh, the Frustration!

Who knew that it took the Army half a million years to do anything!!! Why on earth does it take 10-15 days for them to deposit money into my account so that we can pay the deposit on our apartment? I mean, does it really take that long? Sure, the paper work has to be "approved". I still soooo do NOT get it!!! Basically, they're telling me it takes at the very least 10 days for them to approve some freaking paperwork. Really? Get some better help or something. Geez.

So, this means that the whole moving thing
is totally up in the air. I have to call the apartments tomorrow to see if they'll work with us and delay the payment of our deposit (along with those lovely BS fees, as I like to call them). I'm hoping and praying that they will, considering it is a military town. Joe is going to go to finance to see about possible temporary housing as well as go to transportation to see when they can get here to move all our stuff. Hopefully, even if the apartments won't work with us, the Army can set us up with some sort of housing until we either get a paycheck or the DLA money. *sigh* What a long and drawn out process.

I'm totally frustrated. My phone call with Joe
tonight consisted of me raising my voice and trying to figure out what in the world he wanted me to do...I think we talked in circles for a good 20 minutes too. I felt so bad that we were arguing because it's not like we can see each other every day. I know it's not his fault that it takes them so long to do things, but I also think (sometimes) that if he'd taken care of this a month ago, we wouldn't be having this problem now! Ugh. This totally sucks. I know that I shouldn't try to plan every aspect of my life and just let God handle it all, but it's so incredibly hard! Sometimes, I just want things to turn out the way I plan. I was hoping for that this time, but no cigar. =( Please pray for me, for patience, peace, and guidance...pray that the apartments will be willing to work with us and delay our deposit payment. I miss being with my hubby, and I just want to be with him as soon as possible.
I miss this cute boy and his silliness. =)


Erin said...

We have the exact same issue right now! We are about to put money down on a rental house and have a 10 day wait for our DLA. It's not that we can't pay that out of our pocket, but why should we when we have to pay it since the Army is transfering us and there isn't on post housing.

Sarah said...

Ugh, it's so ridiculous! Glad I'm not alone!