16 October, 2009

When will it get better?

If you know, please tell me! It seems the hubby and I are seeing eye to eye on this whole AIT and separation thing. Not that we weren't before, but I think it's just clear now.

He had a bad day today. He's struggling to understand things in his classes, which is a new thing to him. He's a pretty smart guy (I know I sound biased, but it is true), so it kind of bothers him. He even made a C on a test, which is seriously unmarked territory for him. He is an test-taker. I'm serious. In college, we had several classes together. I would study my butt off for a test and make a B and he would look over my notes and make an A. It bothered me then, and it still bothers me now! Lol! Anyway, so he's having
a hard time with that and the fact that his so-called instructor doesn't know how to teach without taking an hour to answer a question or chasing rabbits. This is something that one would come to expect from the college we went to, but certainly not from the Army. Then, he told me that he did not pass his inspection today. Which means he did not phase up. This translates as no free weekends or day passes for me to go visit. I can still visit, but it's not really worth the money when he doesn't have any free time. I feel so bad for him. Because he didn't pass, the SGT seriously put him down. Add that to the fact that he doesn't know when his next inspection will be...so who knows when he'll actually be able to phase up. Great.

So, we texted for a while this evening talking about
all of this. He's so worried about me, and he really shouldn't be. Yes, I miss him and this really sucks, but I'm ok. I think he's most worried that he made the wrong decision by joining the Army and leaving me here by myself. I only think he worries about that because he's just so frustrated with everything that's going on. Today wasn't a good day for him, so his mind wanders. You know, sometimes it's scary how alike we are. =) I suppose that is a good thing, but still a little scary at times. That is something that has "Sarah" written allllll over it! I worry about everything, and the more upset I get, the more I worry about everything. Lol! Poor guy. I told him that it was my job to do all the worrying.

But again, when is this going to get better? I know that we both need time to adjust to this new situation...but still. Maybe it will get better once I'm able to go visit him again. Things seem to be much better when I can see him. I suppose that makes sense though, doesn't it? =) So, I suppose for now, I'm just going to have to be super su
pportive and pray a whole lot! {I really love this!!}

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Emily Tanner said...

I can't empathize because of the Army situation, but I can because of life being hard on everyone these days. Jonathan and I are going through a hard time too, with some things completely unrelated to your situation, but I get where you're coming from. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers!!