18 October, 2009

✐ My Hobby ✄

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I love to scrapbook! One of my good friends started me on it in college, and it just stuck. I didn't do much scrapbooking in college, but now that I have plenty of time on my hands, I'm addicted! I've only done 2 this year, and I'm hoping to start another one soon. Hope you enjoy my handiwork! =)

{Obviously, this is a scrapbook of my wedding. I didn't post picture of the whole thing because there would be way too many. =)}

{This is one I made for my little niece who will arrive around Dec. 2! That picture (above) is of the front cover. No, I don't know who the girl is. Just a picture that came with it. Lol! I also didn't post pictures of the whole book. Too many!}


Melissa Hendrix said...

I think I need to send lots of money, all my pictures, and some time off your way. I love them and have tried to scrapbook, but so not my thing...so...I will sew for you if you scrap for me... Deal??

Sarah said...

Hahaha! Deal! =)