12 November, 2013

The Stare

It never ceases to amaze me that people feel the need to "weigh in" one way or another on someone else's life, especially that of a total stranger. You kind of expect family members and close friends to offer unsolicited advice, or even off-the-wall remarks. You expect it because you "do life" with these people - you call, text, send photos, and share pieces of your life with them. Naturally, they have a response to anything big - or small - in your life. But strangers? That's what I don't understand....

Last night, we went to eat at Cracker Barrel. We didn't go because they were doing something for Veterans Day (they weren't), but simply because we wanted to. While we waited for our food, Joe suggested that I go look around the shop because I always want to and never get enough time whenever we go. Obviously I jumped at that chance. ;-) 

I took my time perusing the store, looking for possible Christmas gifts or cute clothes and toys for the girls. As I was looking over the toys, an employee stopped to ask if I was having a boy or girl. Since I'm very obviously pregnant, this is pretty common and unsurprising. I answered her, and she mentioned how fun it was shopping for a girl. I basically replied with, "Yes, I'm very familiar with that since I have an older daughter too." Then, of course, she asked the next obvious question: "How old is she?" When I told her that Charlotte is 19 months, she said nothing, but widened her eyes and stared at me.

She just stared. That was it.

But the look on her face said it all - all the things I've heard before:

Oh, you're going to have your hands full!

Don't you know how this happens?

Oh, that's awfully close together!

I bet that was a surprise!

And on and on and on. Because I couldn't care less what she had to say next (if anything), I laughed and walked away. 

Because what would she say if she knew? If she knew that we lost a baby before this one? If she knew that this baby was helping to slowly, but surely heal my heart? What would she say if she knew that I don't care that my hands will be full, because my heart will be overflowing? If she knew...she'd probably be the one walking away from the conversation with nothing left to say. 

I have no doubt that having 2 under 2 will be difficult. But I also know that this is my path. It was chosen for me - or I was chosen for it. And by the grace of God, I'll get through any tough times ahead. Besides, I'd rather have my young babies and my husband with me and have tough times, than not have them - or any one of them - at all.

Also, how can you be upset with someone for making cute kids like this one?!
(P.S. Let this serve as proof that we did, indeed, visit a pumpkin patch this year. ;-))

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