06 November, 2013

32 Weeks, Baby

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How far along? 32 weeks! Duh. ;)

Size of baby: BIG. =P I didn't look up "standard" size at this point, but we had an appointment yesterday. According to the ultrasound, she weighs 4lbs 14 oz. Charlotte was 5lbs 5.4oz at birth. Also, her little leggies measured at 34 weeks. Haha! I wonder if I'll have a bigger baby this time around....? I know those measurements aren't 100% accurate.

Maternity clothes? Um, yes. Still needing some more fall/winter shirts. 

Best moment this week: Definitely seeing her on the ultrasound. And since I had an NST, I got to listen to her heartbeat and movements for a good while, too. And, as always, having nurses/doctors exclaim I have quite a mover on my hands is funny. ;) My girls are nothing if not active!

She's head down (hooray!) and all smooshed, 
but that's her little face with her hand right in front.
Also? The thing above her head is the placenta. Poor kiddo is super smooshed!

Charlotte was pointing at her pictures, saying "Millie! Millie!"
It was basically the cutest thing ever. 
(Especially after her complete meltdown during my ultrasound yesterday.)

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach, and generally not being uncomfortable.... But those aren't really big things.

Movement: See above comment. =P She moves like crazy! Just like her big sister. Although she definitely hurts me more. Haha

Food cravings: Last night I really wanted a donut. That's about as outlandish as my cravings get. 

Food aversions: None that I can really think of.

Gender: It's a GIRL! :)

Labor signs: I mentioned to my OB yesterday that I've had some weird pains in my stomach, and um...she thinks they're probably contractions. Soooo, yeah. They feel a lot different than any I ever had with Charlotte, so I guess I just haven't recognized it. Further proof that every pregnancy is different.

Sleep: Sleep is meh. I rest fairly well (most of the time), but I'm definitely getting up for potty breaks. I've been waking up in a sweat a lot lately, too. Comfort isn't always an issue, but I think I'm just getting used to hurting. Back and hip pain are just part of it!

Symptoms: Some heartburn, back and hip pain, and 3rd trimester exhaustion has definitely kicked in. Hence yesterday's almost 2hr nap. I even surprised myself on that one!

Belly button in or out? Both? It depends on how Millie is positioned and how I'm sitting. If I'm standing up, it's more like half in, half out. I give it 2 more weeks before it's an outie all the time.

Looking forward to: Getting her quilt done, working on the rest of her bedding, and getting her room all set up! One step at a time.

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