07 October, 2013


We sing this song a quite a bit at our church. This weekend it kind of struck a chord (no pun intended...;)) with me. Really, it's a good reminder that while I may not be able to do something, to handle a situation, or fix something, He can. 

Lifted up
He defeated the grave
Raised to life
Or God is able
In His name
We overcome
For the Lord 
Our God is able

God is with us
He will go before
He will never leave us
He will never leave us
God is for us
He has open arms
He will never fail us
He will never fail us

Even just the chorus of this song gets me. He died. He rose again. He promises to always be with me. So why do I freak out when the possibility of tough situations arise? I know it's human nature - human sin nature. It's so hard to get past. But I love that this song serves as a reminder that while I can't do "great" (very hard) things, He can. And I can overcome whatever situation I face in His name.

I hope this encourages you today as much as it does me! 

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