09 September, 2013

My Bean

It's hardly fair of me to call her that anymore. Well, except for the fact that she's still teeny. We're fairly certain her 6 month old cousin has surpassed her in weight. This does not surprise me at all.

I hate that I haven't posted much of anything about her since, like, her birthday. Mommy fail. She has changed so much since then, it's not even funny.

She was still crawling then, not walking. She was still babbling then, not using words. I was still "mama." Joe was still "dada." Jasper was just fun to watch. Toys were thrown, books were eaten. Onesies, not tshirts, were the norm. Shoes? We don't need no stinking shoes. Outside was boring. Cabinets had nothing in them to explore. The high chair was for eating in, not pushing around. Mommy had all the milks, which was needed at least 4x a day.


So many changes. Walking. She started walking the second or third week of June, and hasn't really looked back. For a while, she would crawl when she wanted to get somewhere fast, but not much anymore. Now, when she does crawl, we're perplexed. Because why crawl when you can walk?! Crazy kid. She's trying out the running thing, but she's been face-planting a whole lot lately. Sorry kid. You got your mama's klutz gene.


Talking. (Words that other people can understand.) Mommy. Daddy. Jappa (Jasper). Up. Down. "Peer" (up here). Bunny. "Bankie." Shoes. 'Side. Bye-bye. Night-night. Hug. Juice. Cup. 'Nack. Hungee. "Comey" (come here). Hold you. Cookie. Cracker. Chip. Cheese. (All the important food groups, LOL.) Go 'way. (Always said to Jasper.) Move. (Also always said to Jasper. Haha!) Rock. Play. Door. Clothes. Close. Open. Car. Uh oh. Show. Boom. Watch. On. Drink. Dog. Puppy. Barking. Helping. Water. Rain. Book. Back. Cute. Shoes. Come on. Picture. Boom. Eye. Nose. Mouth. Ear. Hand. Foot/Feet. Toes. Hair. I'm probably forgetting some... So many words!


She's starting to try and climb things. Like the couch. Or the TV stand thingy. Today was a new one - the coffee table. *sigh* She's started getting her legs stuck between the slats in her crib again. Still not totally sure how that keeps happening. But at least she can tell me she's stuck now. It's slightly funny when you hear whining, then "stuck, stuck!" coming from her room during what's supposed to be nap time. Haha. ;-) I also think she's trying to run. She is definitely not the most graceful child ever, and my genes aren't helping her out in that area at all. She starts walking fast, and then the next thing I know she's tripped over her own two feet and landed on her face. Poor girl.


Though we've been having trouble with naps lately, she's still sleeping like a champ at night. Some days she'll even let me sleep until 8am!! It's kind of awesome. Especially since I know my sleeping-all-night days are numbered. {The lack of sleep is definitely my least favorite thing about having a newborn. I need sleep.}

She has just recently stopped nursing. Some days I'm sad about it, other days I'm totally okay with it. Part of the sadness comes from the fact that my boobs have started to get really heavy because of all the colostrum. Would be great if she could help me with that. ;-) She did actually ask to nurse once last week, and I let her. She pulled off after barely a minute, looked at it, and said "no" as if something just wasn't right. Sorry, baby girl! She was eating like a champ, but she has recently decided to be picky. I guess this is how we know she's officially a toddler? Some days she'll eat everything I put in front of her (or most of it), other days she refuses almost everything. *sigh*


No idea what she weighs because I keep forgetting to make her well-baby check up. At this point, I might as well schedule her 18 month one. Mommy fail. As usual, her size in clothes is all over the place. She can wear 9 month onesies, but I rarely put her in them. 12 month tshirts. 6, 9 or 12 month pants, depending on the brand. (This frustrates me so much.) She's a size 3 or 4 in shoes, also depending on the brand. Dresses she can wear anything from 6 - 12 months, although the 6 month ones look more like long shirts on her now. We just started putting her in size 4 diapers, although she could have been in them about a month ago. We just had to finish the box of diapers... They're too expensive (even the cheapos) not to use them!

She has about 9 teeth now, and will probably have more on the way soon. She's been teething like crazy for the last couple of weeks. Which means we've had a whiny, clingy, touchy little girl on our hands! I hate it for her. She cut 2 top teeth (pre-molars, I think) last week and I could just tell she hurt. Top teeth are harder on her than bottoms, too. And of course, teething always makes her tummy upset....which results in a diaper rash eventually. Hence the upset little girl. *sigh* I'm hoping she won't get anymore for a while. It's hard on all of us!


She has quite the little personality, and [most of the time] I love watching it come out. ;-) She's hilarious, and always keeping us entertained. Her latest obsession is my sunglasses. Always asking me to put them on her ("on? on?"), and then wearing them around the house until she either trips or they fall off. LOL! For a while, she did the same thing with Joe's range earmuff things. That was pretty funny, too. She is a very friendly little thing, too. She likes to wave at people walking down our street, and she loves getting attention when we're out and about. Oh, and people watching. She is a serious people watcher.


At this point, it's really hard to sum her up because she is such a little person! She is really sweet - always giving hugs, but on her own terms of course. She has just started asking for kisses, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. She loves to play with her baby dolls, and will even "share" her snacks and juice (or milk) with them. I'm definitely enjoying this stage, although it blows me away how much of a big girl she's getting to be. I'm sure it'll be even more apparent when little Millie arrives, too. {Yeah, I'm giving in and just calling Amelia, Millie, full time now. It's cute. And Charlotte can say it!} 

Really, I'm just thankful that she still wants to cuddle with me from time to time, and give out hugs and kisses. It eases the tough days and moments, and reminds me what a sweet little heart she has. And nothing is better than that.


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