23 July, 2013

17 - Almost Halfway!

How far along? 17 weeks, plus a few days.

Size of baby: Almost 8 inches...or an asparagus pear. {What is that, anyway? Too lazy to Google.}

Maternity clothes? You betcha! Pants for sure, but still fitting into some of my normal shirts. 

Best moment this week: Doing a little birthday celebrating/eating/shopping!

Miss anything? Not so much. =)

Movement: Yeah! It's still not super frequent, but I'm feeling a lot more. Rainbow Baby actually kept me up Saturday night... Hadn't felt much that day (busy day), but as soon as I laid down in bed I got kicked and punched like crazy! Silly baby.

Food cravings: Ummm, still mostly sweets. Nothing crazy....yet.

Food aversions: None currently. Yippee!

Gender: Don't know yet... Hopefully just a couple more weeks! I'm dying to find out! 

Labor signs: Nope! Although I think I've been having occasional Braxton Hicks... Anyone else have them this early?

Sleep: Still pretty good for the most part... Except that sleeping on my stomach isn't as comfy as it used to be. Part of it, though.

Symptoms: Heartburn, round ligament pain, possible BH, and some fatigue. 

Belly button in or out? In. For now.

Looking forward to: My appointment this week! And also figuring out if I want to stay with this OB and hospital. Apparently, the hospital isn't "baby friendly." What I've heard from other moms in the area (and one who used to work there) is that they require the baby to stay in the nursery for a mandatory 2 hr observation. :-/ I don't like that it's mandatory. I'm also not sure if they'll let me do delayed cord clamping (waiting until it stops pulsing ensures that baby gets ALL the blood from the placenta), and skin-to-skin right after birth (instead of whisking her away to the nursery to bathe, measure, observe). Both of these things are things that I really want. With Charlotte, I compromised on the cord clamping. I got to do everything else - skin-to-skin, delayed bath, and rooming-in - so I wasn't too upset. But the whole "you must give us your baby" thing doesn't sit well with me. Maybe it's because Tripler spoiled me (seems odd to say about a military hospital, LOL!), but I don't want to compromise on that. Especially since this is Rainbow Baby we're talking about here. It's extra sensitive for me this time around. Anyway, I'll be asking my {current} OB about this at my appointment. I'm hoping I won't have to swap doctors - just hospitals - but I have a feeling that's not going to happen. I hate to swap midstream, so to speak, but I figure if I'm the one giving birth {not the doctors} and it's my baby, I should get the things that I feel are right for us. So...prayers would be appreciated!


Jamie said...

So cute!

Lisa said...

One of my other friends here is prego, and she's not a fan of the hospital (I think she goes to Trinity). Hopefully, you find a doctor and hospital that can help you with the delivery you want!

threeconejitos said...

I'm not sure if you're dealing with the military hospital on post there or not, but I can tell you that most military hospitals these days are very baby friendly, so I'm not surprised Tripler spoiled you : ) You just have to make it known what your wishes are. Here, the military hospital is about a thousand times more baby and mama friendly than the civilian one- the civilian one requires that the baby STAY in the nursery at night and be brought to mama, etc. They don't allow rooming in unless it's approved by the pediatrician, which is insane to me. The military hospital automatically defaults to rooming in unless there is a serious medical issue at hand.

I hope you find Dr. and hospital who are amenable to your wishes!!

Chantal said...

That would bother me. I don't want my baby out of my sight. If you DO have to stay there, can Joe go be with the baby the whole 2 hours? I just don't trust them not to poke and prod my baby unnecessarily! Plus, a newborn should be as close to mom as possible. What if it gets hungry? Will they give it formula?

I think you should change places if you're not 100% comfy!

Miranda Pridgeon said...

I would be bothered if a hospital would not grant my wishes when it comes to my baby. Especially things you have a right too that you truly believe in and know benefits the baby. I would want to snuggle my baby right away!!

Katy said...

Are you going to the hospital on post or a civilian hospital? You're at Ft Gordon right? We were never officially stationed there as a family, but I spent 3 weeks there with hubby while they treated him for multiple issues that sent him back stateside early from deployment (long complicated story). So our children never went to the hospital but I was very very impressed with the hospital as a whole given all the medical issues we were facing. And in my experience military hospitals are big fans of rooming in and skin to skin.