27 November, 2012

BLESSED Army Wife and Mama

Hello, all! Today I've decided to link up with From Mrs. To Mama for Women Connect '12. It's been a while since I've done this kind of get-to-know-you link up, so I thought I'd go for it! :)

So, hi. I'm Sarah and this is my slice of the internet! Who am I? Christian. Army wife. Mama. Redhead. Silly. Chocolate lover. Klutzy. A tad absent-minded. {Seriously. I put my phone in the desk drawer last week and it was lost for hours.} Head-over-heels in love with my husband and baby girl.

This is the place where I talk about me - my life as an Army wife and a SAHM. We are currently living in Hawaii, but soon we will PCS (move, for you non-military folks) to Georgia! We are beyond excited! Hawaii's been nice {for the most part} but we miss the mainland, the South, family and friends! {And not needing to buy plane tickets to visit family!} I'll be honest... I talk about my baby girl a lot. And breastfeeding. And babywearing. And BabyWise. The Army comes up quite a bit, as they pretty much control our lives. I talk about God, because He's the one who's really in control and He's blessed me far more than I deserve. I talk about food, TV shows, sewing, Pinterest, and, um...a lot of other things.

A little background...

In June 2008, I married my sweet hubby, Joe. We had both just graduated from college, where we met, and were excited to start our new life together in NC.

This is us on our honeymoon. Can you say baby faces?!

Less than a year later, life {and the economy} threw us a curve ball and Joe enlisted in the Army. Being separated for the first time with little contact through basic training was difficult. {I should've recognized that it we basic training for me too - husband gone, short, infrequent phone calls...} Then we got through 2 months of AIT before I moved down to GA to be with him. And then the Army threw us a curve ball. Also known as orders. To Hawaii.

Taken just a few days after we arrived in Hawaii.

Just when we thought things were settling down, Joe got deployment orders. We had a mere 2 months of "normal" before he deployed to Iraq in June 2010. It was a painful, painful time for me. We'd been apart for the better part of a year and now he was being shipped off to the desert...for another year

Also...not the best time for picture-taking.

I really have no idea how I made it through that year. Actually...I do. The number 1 reason is God. His provision, His guidance, His love, and His kindness. It was hard, but He was with me through it all. He provided me with a volunteer position at the museum on post. He provided me with some great milspouse friends {namely Mrs. C, Chantal, Annie, and Miranda}. He provided me with a best friend who, though she couldn't understand what I was going through, was always there for me. He provided me with a great church. And somehow I made it through to the sweetest, sweetest part:

Something I struggled with a lot during Joe's deployment was baby fever. I don't really know what else to call it. =P I wasn't suffering from infertility or anything like that, but my heart craved a baby. The thought of having a baby consumed my thoughts, my heart, and my soul on some days. There were times when I logged on FB and cried because of pregnancy or birth announcements. I was eager to be the one sharing that news. But as all God's children know....His timing is always perfect.

Less than 2 months after Joe came home from Iraq, we found out I was pregnant.

August 5, 2012.

Despite the sickness, aches, pains and stretch marks that come with pregnancy, I loved every minute of it. Feeling my sweet little baby move around, kick, punch and hiccup was the best thing in the world. The "morning" sickness was the worst thing in the world. Am I right?! =)

It's hard to believe that almost 8 months ago we welcomed our sweet Charlotte into the world...

Now, this crazy little bean is trying to crawl and pull up! She's sitting on her own, eating solids, tossing her toys all over the place, saying "dada" and "mama." Oh, it's so hard to believe!!!

Where's my tiny 5.5 pound baby? Who is this crazy, squealing, giggling, semi-crawling baby?! Does anyone else feel that way about their babies? ;-) Just kidding. I know it's not just me! 

So now that you know a little bit about me, feel free to introduce yourself!!! Leave a comment (be sure your reply-to email is set!), send me an email, follow me on Twitter....you name it!

Thanks for stopping by!



shelleystursma said...

Another Babywise mama! We used it for all three of our kids and loved it. Thanks for linking up...this blogging slacker has to do that yet :)

Jen said...

Such a sweet post. :)

Chantal said...

I can't believe that it's been 8 months!

Our Family of Four said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog post! I had to read your story, and you're right.. our stories are so similar! So crazy! Loved your post, and your daughter is beyond precious!

Summer said...

I love your blog Chevron and hot pink hello lovely!! Charlotte is gorgeous. No worries on the phone thing I put mine in the freezer yup chemo brain will do that to you and when it started ringing and we found it we had to scrape the ice off the screen to see who was calling bwahahah! I loved reaading your story! WOW you have had lots of adjustments and just pulled right through how amazing how awesome! I love that you have your hubs and your girl back home with you!