22 November, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude: Day 21

Honestly, I have tons to be thankful for. The more I do these posts the more I truly realize that. I mean, most people know that they have things to be thankful for. But I think it's good to list them every now and then, don't you?

Today - and every day, really - I'm thankful for my sweet little bean

I was so busy doing things around the house today... Since I'm breastfeeding, I kind of have to stop and take a break when she wakes up and wants to nurse. Our little nursing sessions are sweet and fun when she's not fussy because of her reflux. Anyway. After one of her feedings today, she was just sitting on my lap, playing, smacking me with her sweet little hands, laughing and yelling up a storm. And it just made me stop and think how thankful I am for her. She really does bring so much joy and love into my life. Sure, she can be loud. She can be whiny and irritating and a gazillion other things. Even then she brings me joy. I don't know how, but I do know that I love it. And I love her. And it's crazy that she's almost 8 months old. Cuh-razy.

I mean...weren't we just bringing her home from the hospital?

Or putting her in her crib for the first time?

How on earth is my sweet little baby bean this big?!

*sigh* Time flies. 

And as usual...I kinda wish she was awake so I could kiss her face! :)

What are you thankful for today?

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Chantal said...

I was thinking the other day how big she's gotten! She was born the 28th right? Or 29th? I can't remember! Anyway, it's insane how it's been 8 months almost. Which means it's been nearly 12 months for us!

Happy Thanksgiving!