02 October, 2012

31 Days...

As I was talking to my bestie and surfing the blogosphere (and Pinterest) today, I discovered this 31 Day series/challenge. To avoid any plagiarism, I'll let you know that I got the idea from another blog which you can visit here.

Several of the other participants are doing challenges...like 31 days to accomplish something. Others are doing a blog series...like 31 days of blogging about ___. I have decided that I will do the latter. Since I'm starting a day late this will run until November, but who really cares? =P This series will be based on something that I am very passionate about and love doing.

Yup, you read that correctly: breastfeeding. I love breastfeeding Charlotte. Until a couple years ago, I never even dreamed that I would breastfeed, let alone love it. I planned on feeding her formula because, hey, that's what everyone else does! And then I'd see/read things here and there... I went grocery shopping one day and spied a can of formula...which cost $20. I read about how breastmilk provides a baby with so many antibodies that they're less likely to develop ear infections, colds, and bowel problems. I read about how breastfeeding is good for the momma too. Then my niece was born and my SIL breastfed her. My bestie had her little girl about a year later and breastfed as well. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by all these moms who were (or had) breastfeeding and loving it!

Sadly, breastfeeding is seen as something sort of taboo in our culture. I mean, God forbid we whip out a breast to feed our child! But it's totally cool to see a size 0 20something woman barely covered up in a local restaurant or mall. Or in a magazine. Or on TV. Or anywhere else. Society would rather we take it somewhere else or feed them a bottle "like everyone else does."

So I'm going to use this series to bring knowledge to my readers who don't understand breastfeeding. Hopefully this will reach others, too, but for now just sharing with my lovely followers is enough. Some days I may just post a photo of Charlotte and I doing the breastfeeding thing (as modestly as possible, of course), but I'm hoping that I can come up with a bunch of breastfeeding-related topics to spark interest. I'm also hoping that this will help moms-to-be who are thinking of breastfeeding and new moms who need some encouragement. I know I could've used any amount of encouragement possible those first few weeks!

That said, I'd like to know if YOU have any questions about breastfeeding. Feeding positions, cracking/bleeding, feeding in public, pumps, bottles, nursing covers, nursing pillows, nursing pads, nursing bras, feeding schedules, etc. Don't be shy! I'll answer any question I'm asked! 

If you're breastfeeding too and want to share thoughts, photos, etc, I might just turn it into a link-up or something! But the demand for that would need to be pretty high. Just a thought! 

You may leave your breastfeeding questions in the comments or you can send them by email.

Can't wait to get started!


Angie said...

I tried with my first to breastfeed, but gave up after a few days and turned to pumping. This time around I want to actually nurse as much as possible. The problem I had with my first was flat nipples. I couldn't get my daughter to latch properly because she didn't have anything to latch onto. Do you know of any tricks or tips to help me out this time around?

Allison said...

I love that you chose to discuss breast feeding. Until I had our baby I NEVER thought I would be able to because I saw so many women struggle with it and I definitely didn't think I'd love being a breast feeding momma. In the beginning I constantly second guessed myself, was I actually producing enough, was my baby getting enough, etc., etc., etc. even though he was having the rig amount of dirty diapers and gaining more than enough weight. Maybe you could discuss this. Also, I'd love some more tips and tricks about nursing in public. I haven't gotten comfortable enough to do that and we are definitely not good with a cover. :(

Angi said...

Great idea for a series!! I don't have any kids yet but soon, and when I do I fully intend on breastfeeding. God gave us the ability for a reason!!!

So I'm excited to learn from all you who have been there/done that!

Chantal said...

This is awesome! You know I love breastfeeding. Let me know if you need any help!

Jenna said...

I am shockingly excited to see what you have to say about this topic. I mean that in a good way. This is something that I would like to do when I finally have a baby. I guess because I am so nervous about I want to know what I am getting myself into so to speak.