05 October, 2012

31 Days of Breastfeeding: Nursing Central

A little bit off-topic today... But this is a suggestion I read about when I was pregnant that has really worked for me and I thought I would share. If you're a breastfeeding pro, then this info won't exactly effect you. But if you're new - or going to be - at breastfeeding, stay tuned!

I don't remember what blog I found this advice on, but it was this:

Pick a spot in the house and make it "Nursing Central."

Whoever the author was suggested that you fill a basket (or something similar) with all your breastfeeding necessities and put it near the chair/couch where you'll be feeding the baby. So, I grabbed a basket that we've had since our wedding and filled it with breastfeeding books, nursing pads, lanolin and burp cloths. I also made sure to have my Boppy nearby. I used the heck out of that thing in the beginning.

My first designated "Nursing Central" was, obviously, in the nursery. I knew I'd be feeding Charlotte a zillion times a day and it made the most sense to me to have that spot in her room. I already had a rocking chair in there, so it worked out perfectly. By the time she was a week old, that little corner in the picture above was a mess! Burp cloths here and there, nursing pads strewn about, papers to record her feeding times (I really should've purchased an app for that!), a couple bottles of lanolin, a couple extra pillows (for my back and for propping my tiny baby up during feedings). You name it, I probably had it in that basket or on the windowsill. 

Since we had family here right after she was born, it worked out just fine. Plus, it was easier for me to have a good posture while sitting there. And with as much as we had to work with Charlotte to keep her awake - usually by changing her diaper or removing clothes - it turned out to be for the best that we stayed in there. We ended up dragging another chair into her room so that my MIL or hubby could sit with me while I fed her. When you're feeding for 30-45 minutes every 2-3 hours, you need company! And someone to help. =)

When my in-laws left and Joe went back to work, I got bored fast sitting in the nursery all by myself. Not to mention that I'd have to sit her down in the bouncy or something so I could apply lanolin and swap sides. It really just wasn't working well for me. So I decided to change up our "nursing central."

That's us doing the breastfeeding thing! Taken right before her bedtime. =)

We moved to the best spot in the house - the chaise portion of our super comfy couch! Even when I used the Boppy it made things easier. I could lay her down in front of me while I applied lanolin and swapped sides. I could keep nursing pads, lanolin and burp cloths either on the couch or on the side table. Obviously I still have a nursing pad on the table and there's a burp cloth draped behind my head. And I'm smack in front of the TV so I can have some sort of entertainment while she's eating. I also keep my phone and the remote(s) handy. It's rare that someone calls while I'm feeding, but I sometimes I browse the inter webs while missy isn't paying attention. ;-)

Oh, and just for the record, when Charlotte was still getting up at night I fed her in the nursery. So at some point we had 2 "nursing central" areas. It was just easier for me to hang out in there and feed her half asleep rather than drag both of us to the living room. I don't know why I felt that way, but it worked for us. =)

I know this little tip isn't exactly life-altering, but it was helpful to me so I'm hoping it'll be helpful to someone else too! And now that we have an established nursing area, Charlotte knows that when we're sitting there it's time to eat. Ok. She usually gets that. She's getting more and more feisty these days!

If you have any suggestions about creating a nursing area or any other related tips, feel free to share! And if you're brand new to breastfeeding, feel free to ask any questions!

Happy Friday!


Anna said...

I love, love, love that picture of you nursing her! You make such a natural mommy - you are so relaxed and she looks right at home. SO SWEET!

Heather said...

If you are nursing and have an older child, I found it helpful to have something (books, small toys, etc.) for the "big" bro/sis to keep him/her occupied. It makes things so much easier to have everything you need right there beside you :)

Chantal said...

I mostly feed Penny in her room now in the rocking chair, and then sometimes on the couch. When she was tiny, it was always on the couch, so I could watch TV haha. Well, at night I'd feed her either in the chair or in the bed.

Bonnie H. said...

I seriously would never have thought about having a little nursing station... even though I nurse(d) in the recliner most of the time. Never too late I suppose! I know what I'll be doing this weekend ;)

Jamie said...

Love this series!