21 September, 2012

Flashback Friday

Last week, I was going through one of the desk drawers trying to clean some things out. But you know how when you clean and find things you want to look at/play with them immediately? Yeah, that’s kind of what happened…

I found a CD full of our honeymoon photos. I thought I’d lost these photos forever when my external hard drive crashed a couple years ago. {I’m still upset about the photos I DID lose…} So when I found this, I was over-the-moon excited!!! 

Of course, I immediately brought the CD over to my laptop and started importing them. I wasn’t quite the picture fanatic I am now, so unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of photos of us. I took more of the things we saw than of the crazy newlyweds we were. Haha! =)

So today, you get to take a look at our honeymoon! Aren’t you thrilled?! For our honeymoon, we drove from AR (where we got married) to Sunset Beach, NC where we stayed for about 5 days. 

Our first stop was in TN to visit The Hermitage where - in case you didn’t know - Andrew Jackson lived. 

After seeing how absolutely gorgeous the house and surrounding land is, I can absolutely see why he loved it so much. 

Off to the side of the house is Rachel’s garden. Both Andrew and Rachel Jackson are buried there (under the dome), as are several of their slaves/servants. I can’t remember if their son is buried there too, but I feel certain he probably is.

Sadly, they don’t allow pictures inside of the house. Otherwise I’d have a TON!

Our next stop was in Kernersville, NC, but there are no pictures of that because we didn’t stay there long. We came in at night, visited the apartment we would be living in after our stay at the beach, went to sleep (somewhere else), got up the next morning and drove to the beach.

This is where we stayed for 5 awesome days - for free, thanks to Joe’s grandparents who own the house. {Insert Alleluia chorus here.}

The beach!!!! Ah, it was so pretty. I’d never been to an East Coast beach before (I only visited the Gulf once when I was about 10) and I fell in love immediately. We went to the beach every morning after breakfast and almost every night after dinner. It was so, so relaxing and wonderful.

Look how cute, skinny and young we are!!!! I know it was only 4 years ago, but sometimes it feels like it was 10 or more. =P Oh, and look at Joe’s hair!!! I miss it. Is that weird? I hope not. I really miss his pre-Army hair days. And the non-mustache face. Sigh.

Oh and me! Skinniness. And, seriously? Who the heck wears makeup to the beach?! A 22 year old newlywed, I suppose. Haha! Some things never change, though. Check out that sunburn!

Sigh. Again with missing his hair. Haha.

I’m pretty sure this was the last night of our stay at the beach. I don’t know if you can tell from our faces, but we really enjoyed our time there. 

My favorite night of our trip was the night we walked down to the little shop that sells the ice cream Joe likes and then walked on the pier. We saw a couple fishing from the pier and they caught a baby shark while we were watching. We stopped to chat and we both “petted” it. I’m not sure why I enjoyed that night so much except that it was simple and sweet. My favorite dates are always like that. =) 

What was your favorite date?


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Your honeymoon sounds fantastic and absolutely relaxing!! You two looked like you had so much fun...it's really cute!! My favorite dates have always involved the beach...something about the simplicity of walking or sitting at the beach listening to the sound of the crashing waves with the one you love...it's very peaceful.

Jen said...

Sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon! :)

JG said...

Isn't it funny how when you look at old pictures the first thing you think is, "Oh man, I miss his hair!" haha :) So glad you found them! I know exactly how you feel. Back before the digital days I had an album of all my jr. high/high school pics in them - LOTS of me and SoldierMan as kids! - and sometime around the time we got married, it vanished. Never to be seen again. I still hold out hope it'll magically turn up somewhere one day.

Kayla Schommer said...

This comment might drive you crazy but I just have to say it...

Joe looks kinda like robert pattinson. I've noticed in photos of him (with hair) before so thought I'd share :)

Chantal said...

You guys do look so young! We do too, 4 years ago, haha. Tell Joe to get rid of that mustache he has now :P

Anna said...

Aw, you guys look so cute! :) I wish you were still here in NC!