28 June, 2012

Growin' Like a Weed!

That's what I say every time someone asks me how Charlotte is doing because, really, she is!

Sweet Charlotte, I can't believe you've been here for 3 months already. I was just telling Daddy the other day that sometimes it doesn't seem possible that we have a baby, let alone a 3 month old! You're doing so many fun things lately... Like smiling, laughing, "talking," trying to sit up {oh, you're trying SO hard!}, and trying to roll onto your tummy.  We love you so much and love watching you grow even though it's a little bittersweet. I know you'll never understand when we say things like "stop growing so much!" But you're just growing so quickly...it's hard to keep up!

My little bean is still just that - little. At her doctor's appointment earlier this month, she weighed 9lbs, 9oz! See? A bean. She's still in size 1 diapers and fitting very well into her 0-3 month clothes, except for pants and skirts. She still fits into NB for those because her waist is so tiny. {No clue where she got that!} I have a feeling that she'll be needing 3 month sleepers before long, though. She's got long legs and big feet like her momma! {Poor girl.}

She's still sleeping through the night - thank you, Babywise! Now we're working on getting her to sleep longer stretches at night. It's a slow, but beneficial process.

She's eating every 3-4 hours during the day, and sometimes every 2 during growth spurts. And let me tell you, those growth spurts are rough!

At her doctor's appointment, the doctor suggested we try putting Charlotte on Zantac. For the few weeks before that, she would scream every time I fed her. She'd start of okay, but then she would pull back, scream, arch her back....and getting her to eat on the other side? Almost pointless. She was also spitting up a lot, but she'd spit up from day 1 so I didn't really think about it. By the time we went to the doctor, I was ready to try anything that might help. I'd already tried gripe water and gas drops to no avail. I was still hesitant about the Zantac, but I figured trying it for a couple weeks wouldn't hurt. One week in and Charlotte was a different kid. She stopped spitting up almost completely, she burped easily, slept a little better, and didn't fuss while eating. Hallelujah! I'm not exactly thrilled that she's on prescription medication this early, but really? I'm thankful she's doing better.

She started "talking" to us at the end of May/beginning of June. On June 3, she laughed - really laughed - for the first time! Then about the 2 or 3rd week in June, she started really talking. She's getting very chatty - and very loud - these days, but I don't have a problem with it. I love hearing her voice. {Feel free to remind me of this when she's 3 and running around the house screaming, ok? =P}

Just a couple weeks ago I noticed that when I held her on my lap, she'd try to sit up a bit. She pulls her legs up and torso forward and if I'm not paying attention she'll slump right over. =P I'll admit that one time she fell over on the couch because I was trying to photograph the moment. Haha! I guess it's a good thing she won't be able to remember this! Anyway, we finally went out and got her a Bumbo so she could really practice sitting up.

And a couple days later I noticed that she's started trying to lift her head while she's laying on her back!!! I swear this girl is trying to do everything at once! I know it'll be a while before she really succeeds at sitting up, but I'm impressed that she's trying so hard. <--- Proud mama here. ;-)

I really can't believe my sweet girl is 3 months old already! She's doing all these fun new things and even though I'm excited about them, I'm a little sad to see her getting bigger. I guess that's just part of motherhood. I suppose I'll just have to try and enjoy it while I can! And I'm pretty sure I can enjoy this sweet smiling face for a while longer. =)

I mean, come on. Who doesn't love that face?! =D


Katy said...

Our middle child was a petite cutie just like Miss Charlotte. She also had problems with reflux. LOTS of spitting up, arching the back, screaming at feeding time which got shorter and shorter until she fought even latching on at times. Our pediatrician also put her on Zantac and almost immediately we got our happy baby back. We were told most babies outgrow colic and reflux issues around 7/8 months old. Riley was closer to 10 months but she did outgrow it. Shes still a petite and happy little girl who often eats more food and a better variety than her older sister.

Jes said...

she so adorable!

Anna said...

She is so precious! Yay for all of these milestones - she is moving quickly! Glad she (and you!) got some relief with the zantac. I'm sure it seems weird to have her on meds but it obviously is making her feel better, so good job mama! Can't believe she is growing up so fast, these are the best of times! :)

Chantal said...

She is so tiny! Penny is a huge baby compared to her haha

T, C, and E said...

What a sweetheart! My girl was 9.26 pounds when she was born! Haha.

JG said...

Oh my goodness, I just want to squeeze her! She's SOOOOOO cute!!