06 March, 2012

Baby Shower Lovin'

This past Saturday was my super fabulous baby shower! My sweet friend, Miranda, offered to throw me one a few months ago and has been busy planning ever since. Personally, I thought it turned out amazing.
The decorations were adorable, the food was great, the company was awesome and the games were pretty stinkin' fun!!

Once everyone arrived, {there were stragglers, which I was totally okay with since I'd been running late too -- embarrassing} we grabbed some of the yummy food and sat down to chat for a while. What I found so awesome was that even though all of these people hadn't been in the same room before, they seemed to hit it off almost immediately! After the food we played a word scramble game, which I failed miserably. I've done these before and done fine, so I'm going to blame pregnancy brain on that. =) The next game we played was a nursery rhyme fill-in-the-blank, which I did pretty well at but still didn't win. That was fine with me, because I was getting presents anyway! Haha. =)

Please take note of the delicious cupcakes. Chocolate with mocha buttercream. NOM. Also, she made some red velvet dip... {Not pictured, oops!} To. Die. For. As was the jalapeƱo popper dip. Hi, hungry preggo here. ;)

Anyway. We got some really great stuff from everyone! Books {YAY!}, pacis, some onesies, diapers, wipes, bibs, grooming kit... All kinds of great stuff got to come home with us! We still need quite a few things {which I'll be going out to get tomorrow, hopefully}, but I'm very thankful for the friends who came to my shower! Also, two of my SILs and my MIL sent gifts! It was a very nice surprise. =)

I got an even bigger surprise for the last gift I opened. It was in a huge bag and I'd already opened everything from the girls who came and from family. So, I was a little confused...until I opened the bag.

Remember how I told you my bestie, Melissa, was making crib bedding for me?! Well, apparently she finished it without me knowing and sent it to Miranda's house for the shower! I seriously almost cried. It turned out so well!!! The only thing I had to do once I got it home was stuff it {to make it all pillow-y} and close up the holes. Easy peasy.

It's kind of amazing that the fabric I bought in December went from this:

To this:

Isn't it gorgeous?! I knew it would turn out great {because she's seriously awesome}, but it kind of exceeded the picture I had in my head. Does that make sense? Maybe not. =P Either way, I'm seriously in love. And, if you're interested {and you should be!}, Melissa has her own Etsy shop. I'm super lucky to have such an awesome bestie. =)

Pretty sure I have the best friends and family ever! I had a great shower thanks to everyone who came to hang out and sent gifts. Charlotte is one lucky little girl!

I worked most of the day on her nursery, and I'm going shopping for the rest of the baby things we need tomorrow. Hopefully I'll finish her nursery this week and have a full nursery reveal for you. =)

'Till then!


Jessica said...

Oh goodness her bedding is adorable!!! I love it!!

ROXY said...

The bedding is adorable! I can't wait for my baby shower this weekend. =)

heather said...

the bedding is so cute... im also doing gray chevrons but with yellow. then adding either elephants for boy and owls for girl.. i love the girl elephants you picked, i never thought of girl elephants.. can't wait to see the full nursery reveal.

Jenn said...

Your friend is seriously talented in the sewing department!! And SUCH cute fabric. Glad you had a fun baby shower! :)

Jen said...

The bedding is soooo cute!

Rebekah said...

I love that you had a great shower! The bedding is so cute! I'm in love with how it turned out!

Steph said...

I love her crib set. How adorable!

Best wishes with getting the rest of her stuff.

Yay for an awesome shower!

JG said...

Wow, that bedding is AMAZING!! She did a fantastic job! And you looked so cute! I'm glad you had a great shower :)

Allie said...

Glad your baby shower had such a great turn out! And the bedding is absolutely adorable! :)

Sespi said...

Sounds like you had a great time! And that crib set is adorable!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw yay!! I'm glad you had a great shower!!!