02 March, 2012

A Day of Happy

After a couple weeks of mostly yucky days, today was awesome.

I woke up dreading today since I had 2 appointments at Tripler and had no idea if I'd hear from Joe. {He's officially at WLC, but thankfully he gets to come home on the weekends!} I had a pretty average morning, filled with the usual blog reading, news watching and household chores.

When I got on the highway to go to my appointments, I was kind of shocked at how little traffic there was. I figured that since I was on the road during lunchtime that traffic would be hellacious. I was wrong! I think I made it to Tripler in record timing... I usually leave my house about 70 minutes before my appointments because of traffic and parking. On a normal day, this gives me enough time to be 10-15 minutes early to my appointment. Yeah. Anyway. Today, however, I was about a half hour early. So weird!

Other than having to wait an ungodly amount of time for my NST and OB checkups, they went really well! I got to listen to Little Missy's heartbeat for about 30 minutes, which was very nice. My BP was totally normal. {Hooray!} And I got some info from the doctor I saw today {I think this makes number 4...a new one every week since I started being seen at Tripler.} about why, exactly, I have to do the NSTs. Turns out it's not related to the possible hypertension. It's because of the good 'ole diabetes! I don't know why, but getting this information made me feel much better. Maybe because I probably would have had to do this even without the BP issue? I don't know. But I do feel better about it. And Dr. Lady didn't say a word when I told her I only scheduled the NSTs for once a week. Double score! I really like the doctor I saw today and, if I'm reading my print out of appointments right, I'll be seeing her from now until Charlotte gets here! =D Yay, yay, yay.

Going up to my appointment!
This is my photo for the March Photo a Day challenge. =)

After my OB appointment, I had to go back up to the NST place so they could do a fluid check. Which means... I got to see Charlotte!!! =D {Joe is totally jealous.} They didn't give me any photos and I didn't even see her face, really, but she's looking good! And she has a ton of hair!! I told the tech that I guess all that heartburn was worth it after all, and she said that's the only old wive's tale she believes anymore. =) Now we just need to find out what color her hair is! Fingers crossed for red! I have a growth scan next week, so I'm sure I'll get some good shots of her pretty little face then. I'm even more excited about it now!

To add more happy to my day, there was also zero traffic on my way home!! I always, always, always get stuck in traffic for about an hour after my OB appointments. I don't know what was up with today, but I was happy to not get stuck in traffic! Since I had extra time in my day, I decided I'd celebrate with a little trip to Ross on my way home. ;-) I've been wanting to get a dress to wear to my baby shower Saturday {EEK!} and possibly for my maternity photos next weekend. It took me several texts to the bestie and a desperate tweet to my Twitter pals, but this is what I ended up with.

At first I wasn't too sure about it, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. I think the belt makes my belly pop just a little bit more too. And, really, the blues and greens are great colors for me. I texted this to Joe earlier and it was a serious hit with him. A win all the way around, I'd say! Oh, and don't worry, I bought a strapless bra to wear with it. ;-) I have, ahem, outgrown my previous ones. One of the many joys of pregnancy.

To end my day of awesomeness, I FINALLY sold our old couch!!! =D It's been sitting on the other side of our living room since, forever ago, and I am so happy to have it gone! I kind of miss it, but it's nice to have my house looking less cramped. Plus I really wanted it gone before Charlotte got here. <-- That's the nesting talking. I've been nesting like crazy lately, if you can't tell. I already have nesting plans for next week, LOL!

So March has started off pretty great, I'd say. Yeah, Joe is at WLC and I won't see him much but maybe it won't be so bad after all. I'll get to see him on weekends and he should be able to call every night. I doubt I'll run out of things to do during the week since my nesting is off the charts and I think of another project to do every day. Also, I'm doing this:

So that's at least one thing for me to do every day this month. And who knows? I might just have a baby girl in my arms by the time this month is over!

I hope March is off to a great start for you too!


Jes said...

So glad you had good traffic today! I had an appointment at the Navy base {because we are so small here that we only have general Dr's, no specialists} which is usually a 45min-1 hour 15 min drive...we left at 0815 for my 1045 appointment and we were almost 30 minutes late. 3 hours!!! It was stupid. That is why we take the train EVERYWHERE in Japan...maybe Hawaii should invest in some trains or good quality public transportation!

So glad you had a good day!

heather said...

i have MY FIRST army ball this weekend and of course im 16 weeks pregnant. i love buying and wearing all the prom dresses and of course the only time i get to do it when im not in high school im pregnant(and i kept getting looks like" aww pregnant in high school", pity looks, hello im almost 25 not 17) i was with my mom and younger sister, so im sure that didn't help. anyways i also found my dress at ross, for $22.00. i am so happy with it and i love yours. im hoping i can maybe wear it to my shower(if i have one,2nd baby. were thinking about one)can't wait to see what all you get at your shower. you will have to do a full post on it and post pictures of that little girl next time you get some.

and i can relate to the nesting. i want to shop and set things up so bad but man do i have some time. plus we have a little less then 3 weeks to know what were having. so i at least need to wait until then...

Chantal said...

Oh that all sounds great :) How can they tell hair on the ultrasound? They should've warned me! Haha

Erin said...

SO glad you had a great day!

Jenn said...

That dress is gorgeous on you! Great colors. Glad that the appointments went well and that you will get to see the same doctor!! Yay for no high BP!! :D

Rebekah said...

So many happy things! I love that dress on you! I'm crossing my fingers for red hair too. :) Hope she does!

Anna said...

So I totally didn't get the part where Joe was away except for weekends! :( How long does that last?

So glad you had a good day! The dress looks great on you, perfect colors. You will be so beautiful at your shower this weekend! I can't type any more about it or I will cry since I can't be there. :(

Can't wait to hear all about it though, and everything little Miss Charlotte gets for her arrival!

Jen said...

I LOVE the dress! It looks perfect on you!

Rebecca said...

Yay! That's fantastic! Great news concerning your health and happiness, I LOVE the dress, and congrats on the couch! :)

Jen said...

Whee! Glad you finally got some good news! I loved getting ultrasounds, seeing my babe was always a mood improver. And don't worry, WLC will fly by, my hubs went away for an entire month prior to Piglet being bored and I was amazed with the stuff I got done without his distractions, lol.