31 January, 2012


How far along: 30 weeks. Holy. Moly. Not much longer!

Weight gain/loss: Um...lots. =P

Body changes: I've found a few more stretch marks...a couple on my belly this time, which I'm not so happy about. Other than that I haven't noticed much. Oh, but I can't see my feet... See?

This is the view I have when I look down... All belly, no feet!

But the belly doesn't look quite so big from the side. Or am I wrong?

Gender: It's a GIRL!

Movement: LOTS. I feel her almost all the time. She still has what I call "quiet" times, but I feel her moving throughout the day now. She's most active at night and in the morning, though.

Sleep: I had a rough time sleeping a few nights ago...I was up every couple hours and would wake up every time I needed to turn over. Thankfully it was just the one night and things are normal now. I get up a couple times and I always wake up with a stiff back and hips, but it's not unbearable.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting her room finished, having a baby shower and getting everything we need for her! And this week, I'm {kind of} looking forward to the GD nutrition class. I have NO CLUE what I'm doing right now. I'm also looking forward to the L&D tour this week! Should be interesting, if nothing else. =)

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach is still #1. Next would have to be ice cream now that I'm not allowed to have all the sweets I'm craving.

Cravings: All things sweet...that I can't have. =( This whole gestational diabetes thing is for the birds! Though, I did find some sugar free dark chocolate at the shopette that's surprisingly good.

Symptoms: Back and hip pain... A little bit of heartburn, but not much since I started taking Zantac. I'm pretty sure I've got a bit of swelling going on too.

Best moment this week: Buying things for her room and working on getting it all ready for her!

Side note(s):

Thanks for your comments/prayers regarding my aunt's passing. I haven't talked to my uncle yet, but my mom is heading up there tomorrow and I'll get to Skype with him then. Please keep him in your prayers.

More thanks for your comments on my gestational diabetes {GD} diagnosis. I'm still kind of upset about it, but I think I'm starting to come to a point of acceptance. Plus, I only have to deal with this for about 10 more weeks... Can't be that bad, right?!

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ROXY said...

Don't you just hate finding stretch marks! =( I'm only 28 weeks and I have a few stretch marks on my stomach and hips. It makes me sad seeing the stretch marks especially on my stomach. How can I ever wear a two piece bikini again! Lol.

wHiT said...

you look fantastic!

Jenn said...

You look great! I'm 32 weeks and can no longer see my feet anymore either. How fun, right? :)